Are the Stars Aligned for the Cubs?


Considering 2008 marks the 100th anniversary of the CubŐs last World Series championship, Cubs fans are looking to the heavens for some sign of help. Baseball astrologer Andrea Mallis offers her astral input every month through the end of the 2008 season.


August 2008 Cubs Astrology

By Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer


Sign of the month: Leos are fire signs filled with pride. Big dreams, with the vitality to bring them into being, are the heart of Leo. For Leos such as Bob Howry, the desire for heroism runs deep into their psyches.


Aries-Any Cubs Aries should snap up exciting opportunities when inspired acts of creativity abound. Endorsements?


Taurus-A Taurus such as Kosuke Fukudome has already forged outstanding relationships with his teammates, and is the difference maker on the team.


Gemini-Geminis like Mike Fontenot should budget their time to keep up with both career and domestic concerns. With increased playing time, Fontenot will have more options.


Cancer-Take the brood on vacation, Jim Edmonds; just concentrate on staying healthy and in the lineup.


Virgo-Accomplishments in all areas for Virgos, like Derrek Lee. Keen ambition makes it happen.


Libra-Be assertive and dynamic. A Libra like Carlos Marmol should benefit from encouragement after good outings.


Scorpio-YouŐre up to the task of increased work responsibilities and might be thrust into the limelight. Pinch hitters remain on your toes.


Sagittarius-He might be a little guy, but a Sagittarius like Ryan Theriot has a big appetite for success; professional stock will soar.


Capricorn-ItŐs fitting Capricorn catchers like Geovany Soto are accustomed to calling the shots.


Aquarius-A terrific month on the job. That means shortstop Ronny Cedeno needs to stay focused.


Pisces-Money matters are on the top of the list for Pisces, like Mark DeRosa. This month, resist the urge to splurge.