Are the Stars Aligned for the Cubs?


Considering 2008 marks the 100th anniversary of the CubŐs last World Series championship, Cubs fans are looking to the heavens for some sign of help. Baseball astrologer Andrea Mallis offers her astral input every month through the end of the 2008 season.


July 2008 Cubs Astrology

By Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer


Sign of the Month: Cancer

Like Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez, Cancers find a Zen-like security in home and family life and enjoy the community of team sports. They love traditions and can expect abundant opportunities.


Aries-ItŐs the perfect time of year to schedule all types of family vacations, especially with the kids out of school. Jon Lieber if the prototypical family guy.


Taurus-YouŐll have the push needed to complete creative projects. Perhaps as a starting pitcher, Ryan Dempster will continue to find new ways to win ballgames.


Gemini-This month youŐre inspired to improve your home and domestic life. A loving farther of three, right-hander Carlos Zambrano enjoys being a family guy, too.


Libra-Like fellow Leo Jason Marquis, catch up on work, then head off for a glamorous vacation.


Virgo-You and Derrek Lee might be in charge of new project at work.


Libra-Increase harmony by communicating feelings to co-workers. Take notice when Carlos Marmol and his catchers have a talk.


Scorpio-A career goal gets put in proper perspective. Former Cub Sammy Sosa might play again in next yearŐs World Baseball Classic.


Sagittarius- Like Reed Johnson, who went from being released to being in first place, make strides towards blossoming career goals.


Capricorn- Love and money combine, a windfall creates big plans. Geovany Soto is in for a big raise.


Aquarius-YouŐre focused on maintaining health through a fitness plan, but have fun doing it.


Pisces-Fish like Mark DeRosa discover an emotional push/pull going, especially against his former team, the Atlanta Braves.