Are the Stars Aligned for the Cubs?


Considering 2008 marks the 100th anniversary of the Cub’s last World Series championship, Cubs fans are looking to the heavens for some sign of help. Baseball astrologer Andrea Mallis offers her astral input every month through the end of the 2008 season.


May 2008 Cubs Astrology

By Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer


Sign of the month is Taurus (Ryan Dempster and Kosuke Fukodome)
Stability and reliability are a bull’s cornerstones. Others rely on your down to earth nature. Obstacles that have confounded past ambitions can now be overcome.


Aries- Get energized! Perhaps start a fitness exercise program, or recall from Triple-A Iowa versatile infielder/outfielder Eric Patterson to leadoff?


Gemini-Use wit and intelligence to your advantage: finish old projects. Perhaps Kerry Wood, a Gemini, will continue to excel in finishing games. But use those scouting reports…..


Cancer-There are wonders to be worked with family and finances, Aramis Ramirez, a Cancer, got his big extension in ’07. Will he wilt under the pressure of living up to the contract?


Leo-Mars in your sign fuels ambitions with a big does of optimism, Perhaps Jason Marquis, a Leo, should remain in the starting rotation.


Virgo-Your leadership skills are attracting attention. Derrek Lee is a Virgo whose leads by example.


Libra-An active social life beckons, as do humanitarian efforts. A good time to do more for Cubs Care?


Scorpio-Move forward towards professional goals…. Contract incentives do wonders for the batting average and ERA.


Sagittarius-There’s free reign to put together exciting travel plans. On the road might be a good time to hit a hot streak for the Sagittarius Cubs.


Capricorn-Transformation is key, with good fortune. Is Alfonso Soriano, a Capricorn, OK batting fifth?


Aquarius-A financial or business matter requires attention, Someone’s due a contract extension soon.


Pisces-More time with significant others, though that doesn’t mean Mark DeRosa, a Pisces, will spend time on the disabled list.