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Celestial Victors-The World Champion Anaheim Angels
The World Champion Anaheim Angels

"Celestial Victors"

          by Andrea Mallis


As a Sports Astrologer and baseball fan, I've witnessed the cosmic law-don't tamper with perfection. After winning their first World Series in forty-two years of franchise history, the Angels sport a similar talented roster, poised to shine again.

After the "Halos" posted forty-three comeback wins (including dramatic WS Game 6), they led the AL with a .282 club batting average, also a franchise best. Angels fly because they take themselves lightly…and because they play an enchanting blend of sound baseball-good pitching (seven more quality starts than the Yankees), strong defense (.731 fielding percentage best in majors), timely hitting (led majors in productive outs)-plus they have the will to win, a.k.a. scrappiness. Is another taste of heaven on earth in the stars for a team so focused and intense?

Capricorn David Eckstein
David Eckstein (January 20, 1975) is a Capricorn, and like the Energizer bunny, he crams unstoppable power into a small frame. A leader with a strong spiritual side, he's no stranger to obstacle. He could be the poster child for Capricorn's gritty "never say die" determination. The popular "everyman" has infectious enthusiasm, lightening fast reflexes, and excellent timing. Proudly known as the "pest," lynchpin Eckstein steals bases, sprays the ball all over the field, and generally wreaks havoc between the lines. Hell bent to get on base, catalyst David led the league in getting hit by pitches and for sacrifice bunts. It's no wonder his World Series spikes were sent to Cooperstown!

Energy returns to peak in August. Back in playoff form, this scrappy Cappy's capable of another record run.

Quintessential Gemini Darin Erstad
Darin Erstad (June 4, 1974) is the quintessential Gemini-restless, bright, and eager for new experiences. With the moon (emotions) in philosophical Sagittarius, he's a spiritual guide for the team. But wanting things NOW, he can be impatient and tense, finding it difficult to slow down and relax. That works to his advantage on the base paths, where he's swift and aggressive. Darin won his second career Gold Glove in 2002, and is the grounding chord of the outfield defense in center. Breathtaking catches are routine, as he set the pace with an AL record for outfielders, with 458 consecutive errorless attempts. Time on the disabled list poses a real challenge to this rabble-rouser.

This summer begins Darin's Saturn Return, an auspicious astrological rite of passage that occurs around age 29-30. Filled with increased ambition, the busy bee of the zodiac is sure to keep firing things up.

Valiant Leo Troy Percival
Troy Percival (August 9, 1969) is a valiant Leo, born during the summer of Woodstock. This perennial All-Star injects a positive note into all endeavors. Percy's intense individuality and fun-loving attitude are welcomed by his teammates. Nearly unhittable, he's one of the elite closers in the game, still throwing 98 miles an hour! His coffee-stimulated stamina blows batters away. Troy managed to save forty games last year, and dramatically, nineteen of his saves were one run games. He also boasted a career low 1.92 ERA, while holding batters to a paltry .188 batting average.

This season continues to be a successful one for Troy, as the universe supports his efforts. This summer should be especially fruitful, bearing increased opportunity for triumph.

Meticulous Virgo Scott Spiezio
Scott Spiezio (September 21, 1972) is a meticulous Virgo. A demanding taskmaster, with Mars (energy) also in perfectionist Virgo, he dares to walk headfirst into challenge. A great clutch hitter, he batted .336 (with RISP). On a tear during the playoffs, this unsung hero batted .327 with a .424 OBP. Finding his groove, he hit a career high .285 last season, and led AL first basemen with an amazing .997 fielding percentage. Scott's driven by a sense of destiny and need for recognition. Born on the full moon, he flourishes in an artistic environment. With the moon (emotions) in mystical Pisces, he's a poetic soul with an affinity for music. His band "Sandfrog" is the perfect channel for creativity. With Venus in flashy Leo, he radiates powerful charisma.

This summer may feel like an endurance test. Lowered vitality may transpire if he overworks. Since Virgos are on top of their health, Scott will prevail.

Emotional Cancer Garret Anderson
Garret Anderson (June 30, 1972) is an emotional Cancer who enjoys a dose of reverence. With Mars in flashy Leo, he's proud and ambitious, and always strives to excel. An offensive powerhouse blessed with quick hands, he drove in 117 or more runs in the past three seasons, and has an impressive .297 batting average. In 2002 he had a career high of 195 hits and 123 RBIs. Especially potent with runners on base, he set a club record with 56 doubles.

Garret faces a career turning point. Reaping the rewards of past hard work, Saturn (discipline) brings additional responsibility, and with it a time of perseverance with great potential for reward.

Katie, the lively Gemini Rally MonkeyKatie, the Rally Monkey
The sky's the limit for Anaheim. With nearly the entire roster signed through 2004, the Halos should continue their luminous stride. Homegrown talent, seasoned veterans, budding stars, and guidance from Manager of the Year Mike Sciosca provide a winning blend. Even Katie, the lively Gemini Rally Monkey (June 6, 2000) turned down feature film offers to keep the faithful pounding in Edison Field.

Andrea Mallis is a Sports Astrologer and Writer, appearing on ESPN SportsCenter and Baseball Tonight. She writes astrology profiles for the Oakland Athletics Web site, and is astrologer on their post game show, "Extra Innings." She's also contributed to the MLB magazines of the A's, Yankees, Diamondbacks, Cardinals, Angels, Reds, Tigers, Padres, Rangers, and's Left Field. Let Andrea guide your game. For more information, please view E-mail Andrea at, or call 510-874-4911.

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