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Young had great statistics; better passport
By JIMMY GOLEN, AP Sports Writer, The Associated Press February 05, 2005
Steve Young made it to the NFL Hall of Fame, and he picked up some nice souvenirs along the way.

"Literally, that's how I saw the world," said the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, who was elected to the Hall on Saturday along with Dan Marino, Bennie Friedman and Fritz Pollard.

Young said Saturday that one of the thrills of his career was being able to visit cities like Berlin, Tokyo, London and Barcelona for exhibition games.

"You were just looking for a free vacation," Marino chimed in.

Friedman, also a quarterback, was one of the NFL's biggest draws from 1927-34. Pollard was the first black head coach in the NFL and a running back who led the Akron Pros to the fledgling league's 1920 championship with an undefeated record.


READING THE T.O. LEAVES:@ Sports astrologer Andrea Mallis sees something in the stars for Philadelphia Eagles star Terrell Owens.

Mallis, who is a sort of official astrologer for the Oakland Athletics' radio post-game show, said that Owens faces a challenging Saturn aspect (the planet of limitation) to his Mars (physical energy) while trying to come back early from leg surgery.

"It should be fascinating to watch his role, however limited, as Saturn tends to delay, deny and restrict," she said. "Much to his chagrin and dismay, it looks like his chart may render him a non-factor _ or worse, he can re-injure himself. (He) may be dismayed if he is not utilized enough, as Mars in Capricorn opposes his Saturn in Cancer on Super Bowl Sunday _ sort of a cosmic double whammy."

Mallis advised Owens to watch for "excessive physical strain and exertion, annoying ego conflicts."

"Not the most positive forecast for T.O.," she said.

Astrology, like other forms of prognostication, can be hit or miss.

A week before last year's Super Bowl, Mallis that the halftime show "should be rather ethereal, filled with the exotic, bizarre and glamorous" _ not much of a stretch, based on the past ones. But she also said that "confusion can reign; lots of replays may be needed when strange alignments occur."

Sure enough, Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" became one of the most replayed TV clips of the year.

Mallis also guessed that the outcome would be in doubt, and the New England Patriots won on a late field goal by Adam Vinatieri.


AND MANY MORE:@ Ty Warren's wife is going to have to find him another birthday present.

The New England Patriots defensive lineman, who turns 24 on Super Bowl Sunday, was planning to come to the game even if the Patriots didn't make it.

"I was talking to my wife earlier in the year and she asked me what I wanted. I said that would be a good present for me," he said. "So we were planning on going anyway."

And how about a second Super Bowl ring for the second-year player.

"It would be icing on the cake," he said.


PAINT IT BLACK:@ It's the second straight Super Bowl for the New England Patriots, but the fifth in a row for the company that paints their logo in the end zone.

World Class Athletic Surfaces, of Leland, Miss., provided about 600 gallons of paint to color the grass in Alltel Stadium, including the teams' logos in the end zone and the Super Bowl logo at midfield. With cool temperatures and showers before game day, this year has been a challenge.

"They put a tarp on (the field), and water's been on top of it and water's underneath it. The paint's not really drying," said Tra DuBois, the company owner. "But being our fifth one, it's been special."

Work on the painting began in December, when the NFL playoff field took shape. DuBois said he was mixing the Eagles' shade of green and creating the stencil for the team's end zone logo while the Patriots were beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC championship on Jan. 23.

The logo patterns and first batch of paint arrived at Jacksonville that night. The next day, the crew at the stadium gave the field the first of four pre-game paintings.


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