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 The East Bay Monthly - June 2002

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I wanted to express how much I enjoyed the lively interview (by Paul Kilduff) with "A'strologer" Andrea Mallis in the May issue of The East Bay Monthly. With the Oakland A's having as trying a season as they've had this year, it was encouraging to see what the "big picture" might be in terms of what the "stars" hold for the A's in the near future. "Hope springs eternal" as they say, and it's refreshing to hear that things could very well turn around for Oakland's beleaguered major leaguers once certain "favorable" astrological aspects are in place, and the players begin to step up their play and take advantage of any break coming their way.

Whether or not you happen to invest any belief in the metaphorical language of Astrology, the important thing in this regard is to be able to think in new ways. And it's through the creative effort of minds such as Andrea's that we fans of the game can begin to generate a renewed interest in our national pastime, especially when our team is losing!

With a little help from the imagination, baseball can suddenly become fun again by allowing us to take a "multi-dimensional" approach to our characterization of the game and its players. In that sense, Astrology may be just the ticket to re-thinking our idea of the way things work by getting us to look deeper into the hidden causes behind our actions. So as to better understand the vast network of connections that make us the kind of people that we are.

If nothing else, Astrology provides us with a metaphor to help allow us to see the big picture, whatever that may be. Hopefully, some of the enthusiasm and hopeful optimism generated by articulate, insightful fans like Andrea Mallis will begin to rub off on the A's.

Thank you for providing a format for such an innovative exchange. It was quite a unique & fascinating interview!

Scott Weitz, Oakland

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