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Spring Training 2004

by Andrea Mallis


Spring Training heralds new beginnings, a time of rebirth and renewal. In keeping with that spirit, the 2004 Cleveland Indians eagerly face rejuvenation. As a sports astrologer and baseball fan, it’s my pleasure to see what the stars hold for certain “Tribe” members. Led by dynamic Aquarius manager Eric Wedge—the youngest manager in the Major Leagues—there’s an exciting youthful movement stirring, facilitated by ardent, seasoned vets.

Jason Davis

Jason Davis
May 8, 1980
Chattanooga TN

Born one week after Marlins World Series ace Josh Beckett, Jason is a determined Taurus on a dramatic career ascent. A steadfast soul, known for endurance, Jason was one of the Tribe’s most consistent starting pitchers. In his first full season in the majors, he led all American League Rookie Pitchers with 165 innings pitched. Not bad for a former basketball player! He possesses self-discipline, concentration, and perseverance. A strong sense of responsibility rounds out a prudent personality. With Mars (planet of energy) in Virgo, he strives for accuracy.

Happiest when productive, Jason begins spring training with a splash. Mars (planet of energy) will be in Taurus, unleashing his powerful reserves. Confident of achievement, he’ll impress with enthusiastic starts. Jason has the chance to shine this season, with good health and well-being radiating. An industrious attitude pervades, as past action bears fruit. A one-two pitching punch with C.C. is likely. Exhibiting wisdom borne of experience, he approaches goals methodically, laying a foundation that serves him well.

Carsten Charles Sabathia

C.C. Sabathia
July 21, 1980
Vallejo CA

Carsten Charles is one intense, emotional Cancer. Food, family and feelings reign supreme. Powerful attachment to the past makes domestic security vital. C.C. is known to talk on the phone with his mom before and after every game he starts. He proudly lists her as the person who most influenced him. Loyal, devoted, and sentimental, Cancers need to be needed, and may be vulnerable at heart. Always probing for hidden motives, he rarely reveals his own.

Jupiter (planet of expansion) in Virgo imparts a penchant for precision. Ambition is an overwhelming motivator for C.C. He was Baseball America’s top high school prospect, and at age 23 was one of the youngest All Stars ever named. Intensely purposeful, this workhorse led the team in wins, innings pitched, strikeouts, and ERA. Powerhouse southpaw C.C. can throw in the high 90’s and has a first-rate curveball. Going at least 5 innings in 30 starts, 2004 is C.C.’s 4th big league season. This ace is aiming high.

Cautionary vibes are in the air when Spring Training unfolds, as Saturn (planet of limitation) makes a challenging aspect to Mars (planet of energy). Saturn rules the skeletal structure, so taking it slow is the way to go during this low energy cycle. Opening day starts a positive cycle. Now in a Jupiter (good fortune) phase, C.C. experiences prosperity, opportunity, and abundance. August and September look especially fortuitous. Ever resourceful, this cornerstone of the Indians pitching has a pool of enormous power present. With a high degree of nervous tension in the mix, conditioning is key.

Omar Enrique Vizquel

Omar Visquel
April 24, 1967
Caracas Venezuela

Enduring Taurus Omar Visquel is the last tie to the Indians World Series teams of ’95 and ’97. He’s the first Indians shortstop since Lou Boudreau to start 10 straight opening days, and has played in at least 136 games per season. Starting the 2004 season, Omar’s just 22 games shy of being the 15th shortstop in MLB history to appear in 2000 games! The ability to stick with things is one of Taurus’ greatest assets. No matter how much this 9-time Gold Glover and 3-time All Star accomplishes, he never seems completely satisfied. Productive from both sides of the plate, he contributes consistently in three categories, and is an acrobatic defensive marvel.

Taurus is artistic and appreciates the beauty of the natural world. Omar is a painter who takes pleasure in art and music. With Jupiter (planet of good fortune) in Cancer, heritage is focal. Omar maintains close ties to his Venezuelan roots, assisting in several homeland programs.

Stability rules Taurus’ world. Embarking on the 16th year of his career, Omar continually sustains his efforts over the seasons. He’s even more determined and persistent, eager to make up for lost time. Leadership qualities increase, he’s courageous, and does not back down from challenge. He’s also more flexible. Coming off two knee surgeries last season, Omar is as scrappy as ever. He has tremendous vigor and zest. He trusts in experience and remains victorious.

Milton Obelle Bradley

Milton Bradley
April 15, 1978
Harbor City, CA

A fiery Aries who thrives on challenge, Milton battles his way though life. Aries love action—they’re spontaneous, direct, impulsive, enthusiastic, and assertive. With a pioneering nature, they’re usually first in line. That makes Milton an ideal leadoff hitter, batting an impressive .375.

With Mars (planet of energy) in commanding Leo, Milton’s proud and ambitious. A strong right arm in the outfield, he also led the team in steals with 17.

Viewing life as competitive sport, his ego strives to be Number One. He’s self-confident, but can be rather temperamental. Milton does have a fanciful side that appreciates poetry. He also enjoys other sports, and likes playing his hand at cards.

In keeping with his free spirit firebrand nature, this Spring is time for Milton to make positive changes. Impatient with routine and limitation, sudden opportunities may arise, including new job prospects. His immediate future is likely filled with more possibilities than are apparent now.

Joseph Diego Gerut

Jody Gerut
September 18, 1977
Elmhurst, IL

Virgos are humble, with sharp analytical minds and a meticulous eye for detail. They tend to focus on flaws, and can be mercilessly self-critical. Particular about diet and health habits, Jody participated in a unique conditioning program prior to last season’s Spring Training. An exacting perfectionist, this technical master always sets high standards. He’s got the knack—playing Gold Glove quality defense, possessing an imposing fielding percentage of .984—and is so versatile he bats anywhere in the line-up.

With Mars (planet of energy) next to Jupiter (planet of expansion) Jody has a positive, “can-do” attitude. Never one to rest on his laurels, Jody enjoys competition that gauges his potential. Strong Mars aspects bless Jody with fast reflexes and a keen sense of timing. This multifaceted outfielder was named Sporting News American League Rookie of the Year, and led the Tribe in HRs and RBIs last season.

Spring Training finds Jody confidently working towards goals. Exceptional physical health creates an auspicious time to begin new projects. In May energies are curbed a bit, as Saturn (limitation) emerges, signifying inhibited or disciplined energy. Extra care concerning bones is prudent. With wise action, he overcomes obstacles. The end of August through September ushers in a whole new cycle of growth. Recovering swiftly from adversity, recognition is forthcoming.

Eric Wedge

Eric Wedge
January 27, 1968
Fort Wayne, Indiana

As the youngest manager in MLB today, Eric synchronizes with the Tribe’s youthful make-up. The Indians certainly required a skipper with boundless energy! Aquarians are freedom loving, strong willed, and independent. They hear a different drummer, but often let their head rule rather than their heart. Viewing things objectively is a constructive managerial quality, and Eric does excel at supervision. Non-conformist, with an experimental mind and democratic spirit, forward-thinking Aquarians live with one foot in the future, expecting great things from others.

With several planets in pragmatic Capricorn, Eric’s a realist in idealist’s skin. He may appear hard-nosed as his assertive nature confronts difficulty in a direct, no-nonsense way. He has an uncanny ability to “read” people and situations. His unconventional imagination fosters “outside the box” thinking.

Spring Training blooms with several powerful Mars aspects. Temperance in all matters is key. Eric may seem abrupt in manner and decisiveness. Karmic situations arise regarding past performance. During this test period, greater wisdom is gained regarding his calling, improving efficiency and honing administrative skills.

June’s heralds a benefic month when energies are expressed in a more controlled manner. Eric will be more resilient to pressure. Unpredictable events may occur, especially if he’s been undergoing tense situations. Reevaluating his deepest motivation, willpower serves him well. Along with the generational Pluto (power) square that happens in the late 30’s, Eric will be actively discarding outmoded patterns—making life conform to innermost desires.

Andrea Mallis is a sports astrologer and writer who’s appeared on ESPN SportsCenter, “Baseball Tonight”, “Cold Pizza” and ESPN All Night Radio. She’s the astrologer on the Oakland A’s post game radio show. She also contributes articles to most Major League Baseball magazines, and To let Andrea guide you with your game, checkout or email her at


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