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Aries/Taurus issue

by Andrea Mallis


As a baseball fan and sports astrologer, it’s my pleasure to share an entertaining celestial glimpse at what the stars hold for our resourceful Aries Rams and industrious Taurus the Bull Tribe members.


Assertive fire sign Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, appearing during the promising rebirth of spring. Since their ruling planet is Mars, the planet of action, Aries is the stuff of heroes. Ardent Aries represents unbridled energy and enthusiasm, and usually manifests in outstanding athleticism. Like Johnny Apple Seed, Aries possess a pioneering nature and are forceful and impulsive. Born extroverts, Aries is the untamed fire of Martian spirit. Love of freedom rules Aries’ world. Not one to shy away from competition, Aries is always ready to get in the game, especially when there’s a chance for supercharged Rams to win!

Michael AubreyMichael Aubrey-April 15, 1982, Shreveport, Louisiana

Enthusiastic Aries Michael Aubrey is the Tribe’s 2003 top draft pick. A left-handed hitting first baseman, he impressed the Indians by hitting .348 with a .551 slugging percentage in Class A Lake County. Aubrey hit .420 with 18 homers at Tulane last season, and may be only a year away from joining the Tribe, which bodes well since Aries are impatient souls. Blessed with strength of mind, will, and body, this season propels him closer to cherished aspirations. Aries are natural leaders, and Aubrey continues to make steady progress, gaining favor with those in authority. Timing is tops, as this fearless adventurer makes exceptional use of opportunity.

Ronald Belliard Ron Belliard—April 7, 1975 Bronx, NY

Another potent Aries, and veteran middle infielder, Tribe newcomer Ronnie will be experiencing his Saturn return this season—a cycle of new beginnings that occurs at age 29. Exhibiting discipline and perseverance, Ron lets go of outworn attachments. Increased ambition predominates. With favorable Jupiter (planet of expansion) aspects, he benefits from new work routines. This July begins a test phase for this rather anarchistic second baseman, who hit .345 against lefties. Although life may feel like an endurance test, dogged patience and a gritty approach eventually help Ron to clench his best intents.

Milton BradleyMilton Bradley—April 15, 1978 Harbor City, CA

Thriving on challenge, Milton battles his way through life. Blessed with an insurgent nature, Aries is first in line. That makes Milton an ideal leadoff hitter, batting an impressive .375. A unique grand trine in fire enables Milton to wholeheartedly engage in daring activities with little fear. He’s self-confident, yet can be rather high-strung at times. An action person, he’s constantly in motion—a whirling dervish of strength, assertion, and enthusiasm. Both commanding and demanding of attention, with Mars in dramatic Leo, positive changes are in the cards for this free-spirited firebrand.

Jeremy GuthrieJeremy Guthrie—April 8, 1979 Roseburg Oregon.

An intense Aries warrior, this two-time Collegiate All-American pitcher was selected in the first round of the MLB first year player draft. Powerful Mars in Aries bestows courage, robust durability, and a strong sense of competition. Fueled by a dazzling array of pitches, including a 90-95 mph blazing fastball and sneaky slider, this promising rookie is carving out a role as future starter, perhaps becoming the fourth pitcher in the Tribe’s arsenal. Possessing an aura of formidable force, high hopes abound, as destiny beckons. July is a demanding time, as he faces extra responsibilities and hard work. Fortitude pays off in the long run.

Merloni\Lou Merloni—April 6, 1971 Framingham, MA

Optimistic Aries infielder Lou enjoys working towards goals. Taking pride in doing a job well, ambitious Lou has no tolerance for laziness, and can be a hard-driving taskmaster. Adjusting to a new team, this former Red Sox, nicknamed “Loubird” joins the group effort. Aries can be brash, extremely gung-ho, and hot tempered. In the month of June, expect gridlock to occur, as Saturn (planet of limitation) opposes his Mars (planet of energy). Careful attention must be paid to health, especially the skeletal system. Typically energetic Lou may have to readjust his priorities accordingly.

Corey Smith—April 15, 1982 Plainfield, NJ

Powerful Aries Corey Smith’s in a fortunate cycle, attracting necessary resources for his life path. Drafted in the first round of the 2000 draft, he’s busy preparing his ascent, slowly and steadily climbing to the top. “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well,” is motivated Corey’s mantra as he garners hard earned rewards. Whether infielder Corey is reaping or sowing, his professional life should flourish. Others respect his abilities, and accomplishments are best served by unwavering tenacity. Getting on with the business of making a place for himself, watch for purposeful Corey to break new ground at the hot corner.


While Aries is out pioneering, Taurus is cultivating, using resources for practical purpose. Taurus is known for steadiness, dedication, and persistence. A determined earth sign that’s slow to change, Taurus likes the good things in life, and usually focus energy on acquiring material possessions. Taurus’s are very reliable, although quite stubborn. Deeply appreciative of the natural world, nature soothes their spirits, as do music, art, and rich food. Their temperament is like mellow Ferdinand the bull. But once ire is raised, behold them morph into raging bulls.

Rafael Betancourt Rafael Betancourt—April 29, 1975 Cumana,Venezuela

A no-nonsense Taurus capable of moving mountains, 29-year-old Rafael is heading into his Saturn return, a cycle of new beginnings. Working long and hard to achieve objectives, steadfast Rafael also benefits from positive Jupiter aspects, drawing abundance to him. Mars (planet of energy) is expanded now, so he’s inclined to do things in a big way. Making the most of this important juncture of self-redefinition, this pitcher is at the top of his game. Bolstered by a new level of maturity, he’s raring to go, overcoming obstacles and successfully striking targets.

Omar VixquelOmar Vizquel—April 24, 1967 Caracas, Venezuela

Enduring Taurus Omar is the last tie to the Indians World Series teams of ’95 and ’97. Not only is he the consummate athlete, but Omar has a softer side as well—he’s a wonderful painter. Starting the 2004 season, Omar’s just 22 games shy of being the 15th shortstop in MLB history to appear in 2000 games. The ability to stick with things is one of Taurus’ greatest assets. Coming off two knee surgeries last season, Omar is as scrappy as ever, and even more determined to make up for lost time. He won’t be backing down from challenge.

Tadano, KazuhitoKazuhito Tadano—April 25, 1980 Tokyo, Japan

This high-powered Taurus was one of the top college pitchers in Japan last year, where he was practically unhittable as a reliever. With Mars in swashbuckling Leo, he has energy to burn, plus a lion’s share of charisma. Three planets in Virgo promise a stellar work ethic. Boasting a 93-94 mph fastball, and three quality secondary pitches, it’s clear to see why the Indians took a chance on this indomitable Taurus, envisioning him for their major league pen. It should profit tenfold, as Kaz captures lightening is a bottle. Making the most of this heralded gateway, it’s time to share his talents with the world.

Andrea Mallis is a sports astrologer and writer who’s appeared on ESPN SportsCenter, “Baseball Tonight,” “Cold Pizza,” and ESPN All Night Radio. She’s the astrologer on the Oakland A’s post game radio show. Andrea also contributes articles to most Major League Baseball magazines,,, and recently penned a spring training article for Cleveland Indians “Game Face” magazine. To let Andrea guide you with your game, check out or email her at

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