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Taurus/Gemini Issue 2004

by Andrea Mallis



Jason Davis

Jason Davis,
May 8, 1980
Chattanooga, TN
Born one week after Marlins World Series ace Josh Beckett, Jason is a determined Taurus on a dramatic career ascent. A steadfast soul, known for endurance, Jason was one of the Tribe's most consistent starting pitching. In his first full season in the majors, he led all American League Rookie Pitchers with 165 innings pitched. Not bad for a former basketball player! He possesses self-discipline, concentration, and perseverance. With Mars in Virgo, he strives for accuracy. Happiest when productive, Jason has the chance to shine this season, with good health and well-being radiating. An industrious attitude pervades, as past action bears fruit. A one-two pitching punch with C.C. is likely. Exhibiting wisdom borne of experience, he approaches goals methodically, laying a foundation that serves him well.

Jack Cressard

Jack Cressard,
May 13, 1975
New Orleans, LA
Another hard-working Taurus, stability and reliability are his cornerstones. Yet, with several planets in variable Gemini, Jack's a free thinker, constantly seeking data. This curious combo mixes stability with instability, but Taurus has a calming effect on nervous Gemini. With Mars in sensitive Pisces, physical energies ebb and flow, and it's important to recharge batteries. Bestowed the soul of a poet in an athlete's body, he experiences his Saturn return this season, an important rite of passage that occurs at age 29, ushering in a cycle of new beginnings and increased ambition. This resolute middle innings reliever allowed only 5 out of 20 inherited runners to score last season. Even more purposeful now, he combines a realistic idea of capabilities, with plenty of hard work, along with a good understanding of when to take time out to smell the roses.


Living by their wits, Gemini is the natural communicator of the zodiac. Curious Gemini is always eager for new experiences. Restless and easily bored, Gemini's crave frequent change, and enjoy meeting new people. Variety is the spice of life for the Jack/Jill of all trades, and the diverse baseball life is a perfect fit. Fascinated by life's infinite possibilities, fickleness must be avoided. Represented by the dualistic sign of the twins, Jekyll and Hyde Gemini has a tricky time making up their ever changing minds. With enough energy for two people, there's never a dull moment with the eternal child of the zodiac.

Jason BereJason Bere,
May 26, 1971
Cambridge, MA
Outgoing Jason has a strong need to interact with people. As versatile Gemini enjoys mixing and matching, dexterous Jason has one of the best "foshes" (forkball/change-ups) in the game. With Mars (planet of energy) in Aquarius, energy level is high but somewhat erratic, and Jason can become impatient while pursuing aims. Although he may misjudge through over optimism, he never loses hope for the future. Last season, Jason pitched only 6.2 innings because of shoulder surgery. Even though this veteran and former All-Star will start the season in the minors, look for a well fought battle for the fifth starter slot. This season unexpected events will test Jason's ability to withstand change and stay on the path he's chosen. If he can perform tasks in the face of challenges, this can be a productive year.

Jhonny Peralta

Jhonny Peralta,
May 28 1982
Santiago, Dominican Republic
Precocious Gemini Jhonny arrived in the majors one year early last season, and ended the year as the youngest position player to appear in the American League in 2003. Gemini is ruled by the hands, and nimble shortstop Jhonny boasted an impressive 976 fielding %, with even more starts than Omar Vizquel. Excelling at physical activities that require fast reflexes, this agile jack rabbit can also hit for power. Extremely independent, mercurial Jhonny may feel different from the mainstream. Blessed with an abundance of vitality, he's a real go-getter. Relishing competition, his iniative and self-confidence makes him a winner. Well suited to any work requiring precision, this season change is the keyword, as he takes on new opportunities. Ever-resourceful, he'll go with the flow.

Andrea Mallis is a sports astrologer and writer who’s appeared on ESPN SportsCenter, “Baseball Tonight,” “Cold Pizza,” and ESPN All Night Radio. She’s the astrologer on the Oakland A’s post game radio show. Andrea also contributes articles to most Major League Baseball magazines,,, and recently penned a spring training article for Cleveland Indians “Game Face” magazine. To let Andrea guide you with your game, check out or email her at

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