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Article for WEB Page - June 2002

Mike Piazza and Shawn Estes of the New York Mets vs. Roger Clemens of the New York Yankees

Subway Series Star-Crossed Connections - June 2002

by Andrea Mallis


As astrologer and baseball fan, I share a unique perspective, writing baseball profiles for several MLB magazines, and becoming official astrologer on Oakland A's radio. As a New Yorker who grew up near Shea Stadium, I'm always fascinated by the challenging connection between Yankee Roger Clemens, who's a dramatic Leo, and humble Met Mike Piazza, a Virgo. When passive Pisces Shawn Estes was added into the mix, it made a strange brew indeed! From beanings to bat throwings, the Clemens-Piazza duel continued on June 15th at Shea. Hyped as a much-anticipated payback, this time the burden fell squarely on non-aggressive Pisces pitcher Shawn Estes' shoulders.

 Leo is the king of the zodiac-a role that domineering Roger takes all too seriously. Yankees manager Joe Torre says Clemens needs his "hot pepper" persona to pitch. Others beg to differ, including a heavily armored Barry Bonds, whom Clemens decreed he'd "introduce himself to and his padded right elbow." Defiantly, he proceeded to hit him in that exact spot, (apparently with no repercussions). Players shouldn't go to the plate looking like the Michelin man or manifesting blatant threats. Both behaviors are arrogant and shouldn't be let off scott-free.

Roger Clemens

Shawn Estes
 For his rather mellow "message pitch" behind Clemens, Shawn Estes was fined $750, declining to appeal. Pisces are non-combative, so that was as much retaliation as the Mets were going to get. Remarking this was the biggest game he pitched in, Shawn pitched seven innings of shutout ball, resulting in a Mets 8-0 victory. Adding insult, Estes belted a 2-run homer off Clemens. Symbolically, Leo the lion got a thorn in his paw and left the game early with bruised foot and battered pride.
Virgo Mike Piazza's sense of propriety downplays these power struggles, insisting the game has a way of policing itself. Taking the high road, his bat became his weapon as he unleashed a homerun. Clearly the best revenge is living well.

 Mike Piazza

This Mets-Yankees rivalry is sure to endure on the New York stage, with Clemens and Piazza fated to play out star-crossed karma. The next match up is on hallowed Yankee ground at the end of June. Check the schedule...there's never a dull moment when these formidable opponents converge!

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