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Recent Article as Featured on Major League Baseball WEB Page - July, 03 2002

Left Field

Astrologer sees more A's success
Stars hold promise for Hudson, Harang, Ellis

by Andrea Mallis / Special to


Astrologer Andrea Mallis predicts more solid starts for Aaron Harang. (Tom Uhlman/AP)

Andrea Mallis, an astrological consultant based in Berkeley, Calif., has written for several Major League club magazines, including Athletics Magazine, and is a regular on Bay Area sports-talk radio. She has agreed to provide for periodical looks into the way astrology might be affecting the A's.

I predicted the A's would come out of their slump in my article May 24, but their momentum surpassed even my wildest celestial dreams!

"Life is timing," affirms manager Art Howe, and June's hottest team rekindled collective spirit, producing timely hits and superb pitching. From write-offs to right on, the A's went 25-7. And thank heavens for Interleague play, in which the A's posted a remarkable 16-2 record, tops in the league.

The surprising changes brought on by the Oakland-to-Sacramento I-80 shuttle brought the team together, forming a confluence of vital new energies and breathing life into a close-knit crew. The exorcism of all things Giambi cleared the decks for new champions to emerge.

Once the dust settled, Adam Piatt had more playing time, Mark Ellis sprung forth as a catalytic second baseman/leadoff hitter, utility player John Mabry contently contributed opportune hits, and hard-throwing Aaron Harang solidified a stellar rotation.

Don't be discouraged by the Mariners' test, Oakland fans. The resilient A's traditionally heat up after the All-Star break and have a much better record this year than last. Intangibles such as chemistry will go a long way in the clubhouse.

Where Hudson, Mulder and Zito go, good fortune follows. The team's June ERA was halved to 2.27, with the trio going 14-0 during a stretch. Mulder is back in great form, entering Wednesday with a seven-game winning streak. Huddy's fates are developing for the better, and Zito should continue to dominate.

Now for some planetary profiles on new faces in the lineup, and updates on some fan favorites:

Mark Ellis -- Swift Gemini Sparkplug
Gemini rules the arms and hands, granting agility. Ellis is on the same nimble page with fellow twin Miguel Tejada in their dexterous infield dance. Their alert planetary simpatico, combined with one of the strongest left sides of the infield, makes A's fans smile. Obtained in the Johnny Damon deal by baseball alchemist Billy Beane, Mark is extremely versatile. He can hit in most spots in the order, bringing speed and professionalism. Blessed with a Sun/Jupiter connection at birth, Mark's confident, with a deep belief in his powers. Possessing tremendous inner resources, he's strong-willed and zealous. Expect extraordinary dedication, determination and commitment. This is the year his ship comes in -- perfect timing for the A's.

Aaron Harang -- More Taurus Energy
Part of the May shakeup, Aaron started the surge that catapulted the A's back into the race. Another compelling cosmic coincidence: the universe filled several orders for masterful baseball players during May of 1978 as Barry Zito, Carlos Peña and Aaron Harang all incarnated. The A's seemed to corner the market on determined Taurus energy, meshing well with the team ethos of patience. The A's first home game in Oakland -- April 17, 1968 -- had Mars in resolute Taurus, setting the precedent for determination. Harang fits in perfectly with his linebacker physique and penchant for industriousness. Bestowed with the poise of a veteran, he should find more solid starts in July.

Adam Piatt -- A.P. Stands for "Aquarius, Persistence"
Steadfastness and fortitude constitute Adam's dedicated personality. This earnest Aquarius poster boy for never giving up on your dreams finally has his hard work paying off. He has a patient Taurus moon, and this season provides a marvelous opportunity to advance towards major goals. He's extremely motivated, overcoming obstacles by sheer perseverance. With mighty Mars aspects -- an important planet for athletes -- happening, he's imbued with tremendous vitality and zest. Providing a clear defensive upgrade in left field, whatever he builds up continues to flourish. Good things come to those who wait, as the door's ultimately opened to career opportunities, increased ambition and success.

Tim Hudson -- Good Fortune Jupiter Graces a Tenacious Cancer
The heart and soul of Oakland's pitching staff turns 27 on July 14. Birthdays represent new cycles, a rebirth. This happens not a moment too soon for Huddy, who should soon be on a winning streak befitting his ERA. Successful Jupiter helps him make up for lost time through the month of July; abundance is the theme in this once-every-12-years cycle of personal growth and professional success. Plentiful run support should begin flowing his way as it did in his start last Sunday. Receiving recognition and gaining achievement, Tim's fighting spirit blends with good sportsmanship. Driven by gusto and the will to excel, he has a chance to show the world what he does best.

Eric Chavez -- Powered by Pluto Eric should continue to sizzle, as another inherent All-Star is born. Pluto, the planet of power, links directly to his Sagittarius sun, providing sustained energy. Sowing the seeds for regeneration, he's consumed with his ultimate sense of purpose. At no other time will Chavvy's talent have such enormous potential for accomplishment. This is an epoch of tremendous vitality, intensity and passion. His health -- physical, emotional and spiritual -- can improve beyond whatever was considered possible. Customarily a second-half hitter, look for more testaments to this guy's incredible strength and potency.

For more information on Andrea Mallis and her services, visit or e-mail This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or any of its clubs.


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