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  Read comments by Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer, reprinted here from a recent interview with Todd Wright, ESPN Radio, "ALLNIGHT".

Denny gives stretch run call
Thursday night's AllNight Guests with Todd Wright
All Times Pacific
* 11:10 Lisa Salters, ESPN She was at the Devils Rays-Angels game and on her drive home called in to talk about the Angels win, unruly fans, the latest strike news, and what the players in the club house were saying about the strike postgame.
* 11:27 & 11:47 Denny Hocking, Twins SS The Twins player rep had to change his voicemail message today after receiving a 100 strike related calls. He changed the message to basically, "I have no new strike update, nothing to report, go watch ESPN." He was amused when Jayson Stark called and said, "I am ESPN." Todd wants him to change it to, "...go listen to ESPN Radio or watch ESPN". Denny promised he would. To the larger issues, he feels after "saving baseball in Minnesota", he's all of a sudden been cast as a villain. He gets booed every time he goes to the plate. Today, when he came up to bat the fans chanted, "No strike! No strike!" Denny turned to the umpire and asked, "Are they talking to me or you?" He explained what a strange day it has been. Since he actually played nine innings today, he told the many reporters surrounding his locker postgame that he didn't have his cell phone on the field so they should tell him what the latest news was. Denny vows if there is a strike he will stop working out or playing catch and will sit around the house all day. In part two, right as the segment started out, Denny got a call on the other line from the Players Association (caller id). He wasn't going to take the call until Todd insisted he did! Denny came back with these two updates: The Cardinals-Cubs game time has not been changed on Friday and there will be a conference call set up first thing in the morning for the player reps.
* 12:07 Strike Update: Denny Hocking called in off the air to say the players association asked that he not speak publicly anymore as it might change negations, but he could tell us two bits on information: They are still bargaining tonight and the new cut off time is 11AM Central Time, which is the time the Cardinals would have to board their bus to go to Wrigley Field. No players are to go to stadiums until/if a deal is done for fear of hostile environments there with fans.
* 12:47 Todd's Grandmother Knows More About Football Than You Do Todd's Grandmother is back for another season of picking football games, against the spread of course. How much football does she actually watch? "I'm not really into football as much as people think I am." But, she does watch her fair share and is favorable to the college scene. Why? "There's not as much money involved." But, she does concede it's getting harder to keep track of the kids on teams because players seem to be coming and going earlier in the their careers. Before heading into this week's picks, Todd checks in to see how much Gram has been listening to the show. "I don't listen to it all the time." Todd says he should buy her and his grandfather a computer and set it up with internet so she can listen to Todd's show at her leisure. Would she listen more frequently? "No. I still wouldn't listen." They run through all of the gifts Todd's given them that they still don't use, except for the fake fish. "I don't have to feed 'em and I don't have to walk 'em." Gram also mentions her ongoing run with the Turtle Education Committee about saving sea turtles. She loved the Fear the Turtle t-shirt Todd snagged for her after Maryland's run the NCAA basketball crown. She hasn't worn it yet, but donned the Arena League's Dallas Desperados t-shirt Thursday. "It does fit well in the shoulders, but it's a bit long...I wore it." On to her picks...She takes Maryland at a +2 1/2 over Notre Dame. She Fears the Turtle. Oregon over Mississippi State by minus 8 1/2. Never a fan of the Bowden's but always a fan of UGA, she takes Georgia over Clemson with at - 8 1/2. Virginia Tech beating LSU by 7..."They're supposed to have this great quarterback, aren't they?" Lastly, Todd's grandmother loves those Bearcats...she picks Cincinnati over TCU at minus 2.
* 1:07 Chad Kreuter, Dodgers Catcher Chad's in Houston, hopefully preparing to play the Astros Friday. "We're preparing to play and plan on some sort of deal" that allows us to do so. What about making travel plans? Teams have definitely found themselves in a bind in certain instances, but the Dodgers met collectively and decided "to go Thursday night as planned...Heaven forbid we were all late and we had to forfeit the game...We are prepared to play a game tomorrow." Still, the deadline is looming and Chad feels the owners had stalled long enough. "We set this strike date to spur the owners to negotiate...This labor thing expired last wasn't so we could go home. This is in the best interest of America. We are living the dream of every American boy and we want to preserve that." Todd wants to know if the players union waited too long to get the owners to the table? Chad says no. He explains that the players waited because of September 11th..."We are very sensitive to the issues of September 11 and the economy." The union didn't want to push the focus of Americans away from the priorities of re-building America's pride. "Baseball made this country come back together after September 11th." Over to the actual issues being discussed at the labor talks. Chad admits that "the players have moved farther than anyone would have expected," on issues like revenue sharing and the newest concept, the luxury tax. He explains that players are noticing a breakdown in revenue used to attract players that are supposed to even out the competitiveness of teams. Chad thinks that 24 teams made profits last year, but that most of that money wasn't put back into the team. In fact, "revenue has skyrocketed (from the early 90's to today), and salaries have risen on both sides of the table." Economics aside, Chad says that if indeed a deal is made, "We need assurance that it won't be vetoed by owners in a week." And if a deal isn't completed? "I expect most everybody will head home."
* 1:27 Pedro Gomez, Arizona Republic Strike talk is in the limelight. Is a walkout going to happen or will a deal be reached? "To me, baseball is all about track records...they're batting 1000 between the two sides...Until these guys have gone through one of these things without heading into a work stoppage, I'm going to assume there is going to be a work stoppage." if the players do walk, how long is too long before there is a loss of momentum in the baseball community? Pedro thinks that if the strike goes on past Labor Day, things will get really messy. For example, the "logistics of getting a team back together in a 24 hour period" become really slim. And then there is the fans; The disappointment they feel will go through the roof. But, what about those fans? Do they have a right to be so angry at the players? After all, as one AllNight listener wrote to Todd via email, fans know what players make, but they don't know what owners make. Pedro thinks that's a viable point, but counters that fans "don't pay to watch owners work." Todd wants to know if those fans are tied to actual players or just the jersey? "A lot of people are tied to the players...the fans feel a certain affinity for specific players." That's certainly true for Arizona fans who love guys like Luis Gonzalez (an AllNight regular), but may not be the case for Red Sox or Cubs fans who may like the franchise better than individuals. Finally, is one day of stoppage enough to do some damage? "No. But I definitely think a week would hurt," mainly because football is just around the corner. Todd and Pedro agree that baseball and football share a fan base more so than the NBA and NHL, therefore fans may depart baseball early to watch football.
* 1:47 Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer Andrea was first featured on ESPNs SportsCenter. Her calling is making and reading players' astrological charts and determining what certain athletes signs have in store for the players. Andrea lives in Berkeley, California and is a huge Oakland A's fan. In fact she's just a huge baseball fan in general, especially regarding this new, younger crop of players. "We're talking a whole new generation of baseball players...they are very philosophical and spiritual." But, why so much love for the A's? Andrea thinks they have the best starting pitching in baseball and were just waiting for the hitting to start smoking, which it did. She likens Oakland to the "little green engine that could." She adores their GM Billy Beane..."He's like a wizard." And, according to Art Howe's Sagittarius chart, "His laid -back attitude corresponds with the A's because they're a young ballclub." More on Howe in a bit. Andrea's favorite Oakland player is Barry Zito, who we all know as a regular guest on AllNight. Zito is "the most eccentric Taurus as I've ever seen. He's got incredible endurance and is hard-working, but is rebellious and unique." For instance, "he follows his pre-game ritual to a 'T', but gets mislabeled a flake" for his apparent oddities. Both Todd and Andrea agree that Zito enjoys the fact that he keeps people guessing, especially since he's a pitcher. Back to Art Howe..."He's of the Pluto and Leo generation...very happy-go-lucky, very even keeled and has a lot of class...but, has been having conflicts with authority figures (like umpires)." Todd's curious if Andrea has ever read a chart that surprised her because it didn't seem to fit the type of guy he is? She said she's dying to read Corey Lidle's because he's an Aries and has "nothing (in his stars) that would knock my socks off" about why he's having such a stellar year. Lastly, Andrea has read that the A's have a great outlook until the end of October.
* 2:07 Holly Rowe, ESPN Holly is hanging out in State College, Pennsylvania gearing up for the Central Florida/Penn State match-up on ESPN Saturday at noon ET. What's there to do in State College? "I'm doing what any self-respecting, single gal would be doing on a Thursday night...watching two college football games." Getting right down to business - is the NCAA football season starting too early? Holly says yes and no. Yes, because there is a "dead environment" when classes haven't started and there's no fans to cheer on the teams. And, also because of the increased "risk to injury. These are not the pansies of some seasons past." From an academic standpoint the answer is no. "We're kidding ourselves," if we think college football athletes really care about missing classes. Over to some scheduling controversies. Todd thinks it was pretty shameful that Ohio State begged off Pittsburgh. Holly thinks "it's embarrassing to do it publicly" but understands the Buckeyes motivations because Pitt is definitely a stronger team this year and that can be scary. Take Florida State for example. Holly caught an interview with Coach Bobby Bowden talking about what team he is fearing on his schedule. Surprisingly, it's Louisville because they "are a team (we) don't know with a potent offense and a killer quarterback." Lastly, Todd wants to know what's up with the Humanitarian Bowl inviting the 8th team in the Big-12 to participate? "It's not right" but it's better to have the number eight team from a stellar conference like the Big-12 than the top team in the Atlantic 10.
* 2:47 Scott Van Pelt, ESPN Todd and Scott meet up for some golf talk. Starting with Rich Beem, winner of the International and PGA Championship. Scott says, "I was remarkably impressed with what Beem did." Especially considering, as Scott described it, there is usually a big hangover after a huge win. Nonetheless, two weeks after wrapping up the International, Beem was victorious at the PGA and two weeks after that had a stellar showing at the NEC Invitational. Beem "played fantastic golf the following week." In fact, if you add up Beems' last three rounds of the NEC, they are actually better than Tiger Woods' scores. Both Todd and Scott agree that Beem is great for the game of golf right now. He's adding a new athlete for people to cheer for, not to mention giving the media some new angles to work with. Scott notes that "people criticize Tiger for not saying anything, but he says a lot of the same things because he's asked a lot of the same things." Hopefully with Beem, there can be a new rivalry and he doesn't turn out to be a 1-hit wonder like David Toms played into last year. Things should be different with Beem..."he's out there to have a good time and embrace the whole thing, plus he's not afraid to fail." Todd wants to know Scott's opinion on how things will turn out at the Ryder Cup. Will it be a low-talent bust or will guys who've been struggling really show up to play? And, should the rosters have been changed to accommodate the best players of 2002? "In being fair to those people who earned a right to compete it isn't fair to kick off guys who've lost their form a little'll still have a couple of remarkable days (of golf)." Furthermore, Scott harks back to 1995 when the European side won at Oak Hill with a bunch of no-name guys. Finally, Todd asks if another Captain Selection should have been added? "The competition is what it is because you've got 12 matches on Saturday and 4 on Sunday." Besides, Scott adds, the event may not be what it could have been a year ago, but our nations focus will undoubtedly be turning back to thoughts of September 11th anyway and that's more important.

-- Notes by Louise Cornetta & Trish O'Connor


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