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 PADRES Magazine - April 2002 - Vol. 2002, No.1


Bruce Bochy

by Andrea Mallis


Bruce Bochy

Bruce Bochy was born under the inspirational fire sign Aries on April 16th 1955, in France, while his father was stationed in the military. Bruce's Aries qualities include independence, boldness, and enthusiasm. Aries heralds the beginning of spring and symbolizes action and initiative. With all that burning energy, Aries tend towards impulsiveness and impatience. But true Aries confidence also gives rise to great daring and courage.

Energetic, forceful, and outgoing, Bruce personifies the headstrong pioneer. Aries is the sign of the warrior, embodying free will, fear of constraint, and dislike for authority. A born leader, his natural vitality stirs others to rally in support. His sense of purpose and dedication positively inspires players. There's almost a magical property in the way Bochy transforms others by his presence alone. In the past six seasons as manager, he has guided the Padres to a .508 record. The San Diego Padres, by the way, are also Aries, established April 8, 1969. Collectively they embody that fiery, competitive spirit.

Assertive and powerful, with persuasive leadership qualities, Bruce is definitely in the right profession. He'll dig his heels in if anyone tries to stop him! Ruled by Mars, Aries are athletic and have an enormous need to be in charge. His assertive drive, stamina, and commitment generate an aura of intense inner strength. The manager with the most wins in Padres history, he's at his best fulfilling roles that earn recognition and admiration. Hardworking, demanding, and self-critical, Bochy is a taskmaster who expects equal effort from others. Curiously, Bruce is the only Padres manager to have also played for the club. He's a heroic competitor and tireless worker who doesn't like to lose. A great sense of loyalty marks Bruce's 20th consecutive season with the Padres organization in 2002.

Beyond bravado, Bruce has another equally captivating side to his personality-an inherent spirituality that evokes subtle response to life's undercurrents. Open to inner states of consciousness, he can easily withdraw into a private world. Imaginative and visionary, Bruce is an idealist who values the softer side of his nature, and perhaps directs talent into creative pursuits. Here's a real dynamo who needs periods of calm, seclusion, and rest to recharge.

Aries is the sign of the Ram and rules the head. It's amusing to note that Bruce's larger than normal hat size created some challenges in his early baseball career. While briefly with the Mets, they couldn't find a helmet that fit, so he had to wait until one was rushed up from Tidewater, the Mets farm club!

Dependable and disciplined, he has the knack for forming fruitful business partnerships. A resourceful and determined worker, he possesses an easy blend of enthusiasm and self-control. He speaks frankly and to the point. With serious Capricorn rising, look for his pragmatism and ambition to shine through in all he does.

Bruce also has a rebellious side, adding an eccentric, strong-willed flavor to his personality. An unpredictable non-conformist with tremendous powers of regeneration, this determined, combative powerhouse proves time and again, there's nothing stopping him from getting the job done! With a gift for speaking on behalf of those less powerful, he feels social injustice acutely, and is sympathetic to the underdog.

Bruce has Mars in Gemini, which characterizes the overactive, busy bees of the zodiac. He can get bogged down in unfinished business. A glib communicator, who may be a better talker than listener, Bochy holds his own (and then some) in arguments. Umpires beware! While he can be quarrelsome and opinionated, these qualities morph into useful traits when going face-to-face with adversaries. He boasts a sharp tongue and ready wit. According to The Sporting News, Bochy is an avid card player with a quick mind who excels at baseball computing. Fearless and shrewd, his driving ambition feeds a thirst for power, ideally played out on the baseball diamond.

An accomplished manager, whose paid his dues as a major league reserve catcher, minor league manager and third base coach, he has a talent for engaging the public. Bruce was named National League Manager of the Year in 1996, the first such honor given to a Padres manager. Several Padres have blossomed under Bochy's expert leadership, including Phil Nevin, Ryan Klesko and Trevor Hoffman. Outspoken and determined to go far, this June and July will be an especially favorable time to watch as Bruce Bochy ushers in a whole new cycle of personal growth and professional success.

Andrea Mallis is an astrologer, avid baseball fan and creator of Virgo in Service Astrological Consulting. She can be contacted at 510-874-4911, or



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