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 PADRES Magazine - May/June 2002 - Vol. 2002, No.2


Mark Kotsay

by Andrea Mallis


Mark Kotsay

Mark Kotsay exemplifies the athletic, adventurous spirit of the Archer, born December 2nd, 1975 under the fire sign Sagittarius. His enthusiasm is irrepressible as he takes aim to alter the course of life. He's a non-conformist who possesses an instinctual urge for exploring new horizons. Straightforward and truthful to a fault, Mark has an open, candid personality. An independent soul, he does enjoy the company of others, as long as they allow him the freedom to explore.

Generous, likable and easy-going, he loves sports and travel-the further the better! Living with one foot in the future, Mark feels destiny plays a large part on his path and is naturally prophetic. An incurable optimist, he's got big dreams that embrace expansive desires. Faith and trust guide his ambition. Armed with a sporting, playful attitude, Mark beholds the big picture: life is viewed as a journey, providing endless opportunities for creating change and making new contacts.

Baseball is a perfect fit for this restless adventurer. Relishing spontaneity and novelty, the variety and exhilaration of baseball feeds his soul. As an added perk, he derives great joy from exploring the world, and has a blast in transit. Discussing philosophical beliefs on long flights is a brilliant way to pass the time. Living on nervous energy, he tends to take flight in various directions. While fire signs can be impatient at times, Mark has turned this into a distinct advantage-hitting first pitch homeruns!

Details are not always a Sagittarian strong suit, but Mark has a meditative, contemplative approach and can merge his mind for added concentration. He can be very critical and exacting in his profession, setting high standards for himself. He strives for recognition and power, taking enormous pride in work. A consummate athlete, he adds power to an already powerful outfield. He hits for average, craftily works the strike zone, and steals his share of bases. He once even outfoxed the N.Y. Mets by stealing home!

Maintaining self-reliance goes a long way in building a firm foundation for his objectives. Working solidly to build a secure footing while earning the respect of those around him is essential to Mark's path. The joy of competing, especially winning, runs deep in his psyche. A meaningful life lesson is developing self-acceptance regardless of performance. He believes strongly in the "power of the positive"-the ability to change life through initiative and effort. Intense, strong-willed, and zealous, he pursues goals with complete dedication, utilizing tremendous deep-seated resources. A passionate feeling of "can-do" permeates his sense of self. Blessed with unrestrained energy, he has little regard for those who avoid confronting their own fate. Since he's part of the rebellious Generation X, challenges may arise with authority figures. Learning the art of compromise is always vital to success.

Happy-go-lucky Mark enjoys life to the fullest. Fantasy plays a strong role, either as creative channel or escape. "Other-worldly" energies may be directed into artistic, musical, or spiritual pursuits. There's a mystical, ethereal quality to his personality. He's a born philosopher who delights in debate. Bestowed with charm and idealism, comfortable with all types of people, he's a popular good-will ambassador and free spirit rolled into one. Cheerful and inspirational, it's easy for Mark to look on the bright side.

Mark's bewitching blend of determination and natural ability makes a potent, winning combination. Blessed with instinct and speed, Mark sparks confidence in the clubhouse, doing a great job getting on base. In his 4th full season in the Major Leagues, he's odds-on for an average of 20 home runs, 20 steals, .300 hitting, and scoring over 100 runs. He can play anywhere in the outfield, running and throwing adeptly. An excellent fielder, nimble Mark gets a swift jump on the ball, and has made some spectacular over the shoulder catches. It's tough to get a run on with his potent arm! In 2001 he was second in outfield assists, and tied for fifth with Barry Bonds for the prestigious Golden Glove award. With youth on his side, and a dose of infectious optimism, look for multitalented Mark Kotsay's star on the rise!

Andrea Mallis is an avid baseball fan, creator of Virgo in Service Astrological Consulting, and the official astrologer on Oakland A's radio "Extra Innings". Her numerous sports astrology profiles have appeared in magazines for the Padres, A's, Yankees, Diamondbacks, Tigers and Rangers. Let Andrea guide you with your game! Residing in Berkeley, California, she can be contacted at 510-874-4911, or



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