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 PADRES Magazine - July/August 2002 - Vol. 2002, No.4



Phil Nevin

by Andrea Mallis


Phil NevinPhil Nevin

Born January 19, 1971 under the most earnest of sun signs, Capricorn Phil Nevin shows true discipline, determination, and drive. Capricorn typifies the mountain goat—making all efforts to rise to the top. Conscientious Capricorns are the ones to depend on. They persevere through enormous hardship to reach goals, often sacrificing the personal realm. The three A’s: accomplish, attain, and achieve sum up the zeitgeist of Capricorn energy. Occupation, social standing, and contribution are paramount concerns to Phil Nevin.

With tendencies to go where angels fear to tread, Phil approaches life with great gusto. Responsibility and reserve come naturally, but Phil shows ardent leadership qualities as well. A successful public life is pinnacle. His thoughtful, self-contained disposition seems always in control. Capable Capricorns are the old souls of the zodiac. They play by the rules, with energies so deep, they’re not easy to get to know. Frequently serious as children, they seem to grow younger as they grow old. A modest person, Phil’s strong points are patience and tenacity. Possessing immense inner resources, he’s strong-willed, yet understated, pursuing goals with complete devotion. Relishing competition, he inspires confidence in others. Maintaining his poise and objectivity in the midst of crisis, he’s an excellent strategist, always pursuing a realistic course. And while pragmatic Capricorns are realists, it’s important for them to stop and smell the roses—to embrace spontaneity.

Capricorns are late bloomers, and when Phil finally got the chance to play daily, he blossomed in unimaginable proportions. Exploding at the plate last year, he established a slew of career highs, finishing 7th in the NL in home runs and appearing in his first All-Star game. Although Capricorns have the reputation of being driven by money (like fellow Capricorn Jason Giambi), Nevin resisted the lure of free agency. A man of integrity, he agreed to a below market deal stating emphatically, “this is where I want to play.” Phil’s unimpressed by exaggerated claims.

Strong in the clutch, he hit an amazing .600 with the bases loaded in 2000, leading the Padres in the Triple Crown categories, batting .303 with 31 home runs with 107 RBI. Dubbed Mr. Consistent, with the steadiness Capricorns are famous for, in 2001 he batted .310 before the All-Star break and .301 after. Matched with fellow slugger Ryan Klesko, the Padres now have a pair of 30 homer players for just the second time ever.

Capricorns do appreciate recognition for their efforts. Phil was named MVP by the San Diego chapter of the BWA of A. (Only Tony Gwynn has more team MVP honors in the Padres’ 33 year history.) One of the top offensive players in the game, he averages an RBI every 4.3 times at bat, tied for 5th in the league. A triple threat, he led the club in batting, home runs, and RBIs for the second straight year. Not to be outdone, he led the majors with 4 grand slams, setting a club record. Dependable as the day is long, he led the club and set career highs in games played, hits, and on base percentage. Phil brings a wealth to the table in terms of offensive firepower.

As Mars is a crucial planet in an athlete’s chart, Phil’s Mars in uncompromising Scorpio packs quite a wallop! Don’t mess with Phil—his Scorpio energy keeps track of slights and injuries. Capable of total concentration and tremendous discipline, Phil is forceful in subtle, non-revealing ways. Secretive in revealing aim and intention, his intensity isn’t apparent at first. He’s a formidable foe, willing to sacrifice what stands in the way of desire. No matter what he accomplishes, he never rests on laurels. In the prime of his career, he’s the poster child for good things happening to those who wait. His slow and steady really does win the race!

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Andrea Mallis is an avid baseball fan and creator of Virgo in Service Astrological Consulting. She’s the official astrologer on the Oakland A’s radio show “Extra Innings”. Her sports astrology profiles are published in magazines for the A’s, Yankees, Tigers, Diamondbacks, Padres and Rangers. Residing in Berkeley, California, she can be contacted at 510-874-4911, or

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