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Texas rangers magazine
April 5-7, 2002

"Is it in the stars?"

by Andrea Mallis


Frank Catalanatto planetary profile:

Born April 27, 1974 under the earth sign of Taurus, Frank is one determined baseball player! A steadfast and patient soul, capable of tremendous dedication, endurance, and constancy, his ability to follow through and stick with things is one of Taurus's greatest assets.

Variety is the spice of life, and to that end Frank has played the outfield, all the bases, as well as designated hitter. In an effort to get Frank's instrumental bat in the line-up, his tremendous versatility is one of his greatest gifts, rivaled perhaps only by A's utility man Randy Velarde. A disciplined left-handed hitter, he grew up a New York Yankee fan admiring American League Batting Champion Don Mattingly's victorious style.

Once his mind is set, he pursues his goals tenaciously until they are completed, a strong Taurus characteristic. As Taurus the bull can be stubborn, Frank cleverly works that to his advantage, resisting any attempts to sway him from his ultimate purpose.

Possessing a very practical nature, which needs to see concrete tangible results for his efforts, material achievements and security factor heavily into decision making for the "Cat." Sensing what might motivate Taurus to excel, Franks' new contract has a clause stating additional money can be made in performance bonuses. What a perfect incentive for financially conscious Taurus--look for him to make good on that this year!

Productive and steady with over 400 at bats, expect Frank to hit at least .300 with 100 runs scored this season. If stability and reliability are the hallmarks of Taurus energy, then persistence is certainly its middle name. Yet Frank also throws in a refreshing measure of adaptability increasing his value to the club. Remarkably dependable, especially when coming straight off the bench-- the cool, calm and collected "little Cat" went 10 for 28 as a pinch hitter last season, the 4th best average in the AL.

Mars (the planet of energy and assertion) is a crucial planet in an athlete's chart. Frank's strong Mars imparts active, go-getter energy. He has so much energy, that he can accomplish enough for two people, often times making punishing demands on himself. Great accomplishments are in store, as he does not waste his energy on unproductive efforts. Courage, determination, and self-driving ambition morph into a dazzling formula for success. Relishing competition, his initiative and self-confidence makes him a fan favorite. He has big aspirations, and strength of mind, will and body to carry his dreams forward. His self-confidence and inner harmony attracts success and benefits to him in an almost magical way. His optimism and cheerful generosity also wins him many allies and successes in life.

Not one to rest on his laurels, he's very serious about reaching his goals, feeling he must keep his nose to the grindstone. Hard work, persistent effort, and concentration upon a single objective are the ways he achieves his aims in life. Capable of exercising great self-control in order to accomplish what he desires, he meets obstacles stoically and will struggle patiently through challenging circumstances. He may expect far too much of himself and others, placing faith in the power of endurance coupled with a dogged determination to overcome all obstacles. Maintaining a powerful will, when he wants something, he pursues it passionately and relentlessly until achieved. In fact, he may be so driven by desire that he loses all objectivity, resulting in power struggles due to unwavering single-mindedness.

Blessed with enormous energy reserves, deliberate and steady really does win the race as Taurus proves time and again. Capable of extraordinary effort and great achievement, Frank also has a softer side as well. Intuitive and emotional, he has the ability to empathize, identifying with others plight. Nurturing, protective and unusually impressionable, it's important to schedule some time to escape from the harsh competitiveness of the baseball world. Traveling is good for him, as is time spent with his family. Music and art can provide creative releases. Simple and easy to please, with a strong desire for stability, security and peace-look for food, family and feelings to be high up on Frank's list. The natural world also provides a very healing retreat for soothing Taurus's senses.

Giving new meaning to the word "'utility player", earnest Taurus prefer to make themselves indispensable in an unassuming manner. Promised to be the team's leadoff hitter (save for some lefty pitching) Frank should set the table admirably this season. Last year he led the majors with a .398 on base percentage batting in the leadoff spot, was 5th in the American League in batting average (.330), which was the 5th highest for the Rangers ever. He also held the Rangers longest hitting streak last year, hitting safely in 13 games. He's a marvel at getting on base, stealing 15 bags, and led the Rangers with 5 triples in 2001. A homebody at heart, with three planets in Cancer, he's naturally very comfortable in the hitter's Ballpark at Arlington-he's even 4th in the American League in batting average playing in home games. This season with Frank emerging as a full time player, look for a triumphant season. Career advancements are in the making, his inner resources vast. There's an inner confidence to succeed and the self-discipline and determination in which to do so---energies Frank is already familiar with. Indeed, 2002 should be the Cat's year to meow!

Andrea Mallis is an avid baseball fan and the creator of Virgo in Service Astrological Consulting. Residing in Berkeley, California, she can be contacted at 510-874-4911, or

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