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St. Louis Cardinals GAMEDAY MAGAZINE
April 2003 NO. 1
St. Louis Cardinals GAMEDAY MAGAZINE

"Scouting Report from Outer Space"

     by Andrea Mallis


Finishing the tumultuous 2002 season in resounding fashion, the Saint Louis Cardinals won their third straight division championship-a testament to the human spirit. Spring is a time of new beginnings, and as a baseball fan and Sports Astrologer, I offer a glimpse of the Saint Louis Cardinals "STARting Lineup" planetary potentials. Symbolic of the astrological New Year, spring's a perfect time to prospect. What's in the cards for the Cardinals?

One of the most talented lineups in the NL returns with an armada of four reigning Gold Glovers: dynamic Aries Fernando Vina (2B), creative Leo Edgar Renteria (SS), and tenacious Cancer Jim Edmonds (CF). The most potent right-handed hitter in the NL, disciplined Capricorn Albert Pujols (LF) bats cleanup, followed by Gold Glover Aries Scott Rolen (3B), philosophical Sagittarius Tino Martinez (1B), resourceful Scorpio Eli Marrerro (RF), and methodical Virgo Mike Matheny (C).

Energetic Aries leadoff hitter Fernando Vina
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. Energetic Aries leadoff hitter Fernando Vina (April 16, 1969) thrives on challenge and follows his own lead. He's impulsive, direct, and enthusiastic. He'll do anything to get on base, whether by pitch, legging out an infield hit, or bunting. He's a tough out-striking out a scant 36 times in 622 at bats. Aries can be impatient however. Vina's love of first pitch hitting saw his OPB fall and his average dip below .300 for the first time in three seasons.

Lightening quick reflexes and remarkable range fortify this fearless spark plug. (Fellow fire sign Renteria completes the dynamic duo.) Executing double plays like a whirling dervish, he won a 2nd consecutive Gold Glove. With Mars, the planet of energy (an important planet for athletes), in enterprising Sagittarius, his gusto is contagious. Athletics is a perfect channel for this high-spirited irrepressible energy!

It looks like a powerhouse, status-rising year for fiery Fernando. Strong and healthy, he succeeds at strenuous tasks, pursuing goals with vigor. A prosperous period with major career growth awaits. Like an arrow to its target, he'll make dreams a reality.

Dramatic Leo Edgar Renteria
Edgar Renteria, a dramatic Leo (August 7, 1975), likes to be recognized for his unique role. Another fire sign, he's got big dreams and the spirit to bring them into play. The first Colombian to appear in an All-Star Game, he's a leader with an upbeat attitude. With Mars in determined Taurus, dedication to goals is extraordinary. Pursuing ambitions tenaciously, like Aesop's tortoise, he works steadfastly until completion.

Instinctively realizing that achievement is "10% inspiration, 90% perspiration," he's reliable, consistent, and productive-hitting .372 with runners in scoring position! Superior in clutch situations, 2002 was his finest all-around, complete with an OBS of .803. Earning a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger Award, he led all NL Shortstops in batting (.305) and RBI (83), which tied a franchise record for shortstops. A bewitching blend of defensive skills and clutch hitting makes this Silver Slugger one of the most valuable players.

This summer Edgar has the Midas Touch! Beginning a cycle of good fortune, Jupiter (planet of expansion) promises success, good health, increased confidence, and vitality. The universe supports his efforts. Although Neptune (planet of sensitivity) reminds us not to go too far, the King of the Zodiac is truly suited for regal accomplishments.

Sympathetic water sign Jim Edmonds
Jim Edmonds (June 27, 1970) is a Cancer, a sympathetic water sign. It's essential that compassionate Cancers get a vital dose of reverence. With Mars in Cancer, this intimidating slugger demonstrates his nurturing side. Benevolent Jim contributes generously to the "Cardinals Care" organization.

One of the best centerfielders, Jim's acrobatic catches dazzle. He won his 5th consecutive Gold Glove while hitting a career high .311. An all-around player with an accurate arm and broad range, he hits for average and power.

This season Jim can reap the rewards of past hard work. Saturn (planet of discipline) brings added responsibility, establishing important building blocks for future goals. It's a time of perseverance with great potential. Although energy may be a bit low, patience goes a long way. Since Saturn rules the skeletal structure, it's a wise choice for Jim to take extra care of bones, knees, and joints.

Industrious Capricorn Albert Pujols
Batting clean up, Albert Pujols (January 16, 1980) is an industrious Capricorn who finished second in MVP voting. (Barry Bonds won.) Pragmatic Capricorns are the old souls of the zodiac: serious, disciplined, ambitious. Driven to prove himself, Albert went from A-ball to All-Star in less than a year! He also won Rookie of the Year in 2001, including Players Choice Award.

Showing up early for Spring Training exemplifies the Capricorn work ethic. Beyond the call of duty is where you'll find Albert. Capricorns try to carry the world (or team) on their shoulders, rarely letting others know when support is needed. With Mars in perfectionist Virgo, he carefully deploys energy with a positive "can-do" attitude. Competing with himself, he became the first player in MLB history to score 100 runs, have over 100 RBIs, belt 30 home runs, and bat .300 in his first two major league seasons!

Personal magnetism fuels the season's start. Happiest when productive, good health and high spirits have this franchise cornerstone flourishing. No matter the accomplishments, Albert never rests on laurels. Striving for a third consecutive .300-30-100 year, his outfield post should provide a secure launching pad towards further greatness.

Athletic Aries warrior Scott Rolen
Scott Rolen (April 4, 1975) is another athletic Aries warrior. This daring All-Star has driven in 217 runs during the past two seasons, winning a Silver Slugger Award. Endowed with superhuman self-image, the 1997 Rookie of the Year is the stuff of heroes. After being acquired from the Phillies, he batted .278 with 14 home runs and 44 RBIs in just 55 games with the Cards. A mesmeric combination of tenacity, physical strength, and boldness-he's one tough cookie!

With Mars in rebellious Aquarius, he's a likeable bully, fortified by Aries' legendary competitiveness. The joy of battle runs deep in his soul. Rolen's arsenal consists of a sizzling bat (steady 25+ homers & over 80 RBI threat), an electric glove, and rifle arm.

A return to Midwest roots should bear fruit in 2003. Keen to get goin', Scott also showed up early to Spring Training. Granted the largest contract in club history, this dynamic Aries is locked in for eight years and couldn't be happier. Jupiter (good fortune) graces his chart, expanding energy, health, and well being. With Scott's birthday just after opening day, the wheel turns on a new cycle of progress. September begins Scott's Saturn Return-a promising career peak-perfectly timed for the playoff push!

Sagittarius, another fire sign, Tino Martinez
Tino Martinez (December 7, 1967) is a Sagittarius, another fire sign, well-suited to sports. Tino knows life's a journey, rich with possibilities. An incurable optimist and consummate team player, he's inspired by a great deal of faith. Setbacks don't crush his spirit. It's a good thing that Sagittarians are philosophical, because he took over for the wildly popular Mark McGwire, and prior to that, beloved Yankee Don Mattingly!

Last year was fraught with intense transformation, but things should settle down as he becomes familiar with the NL. Always a fine "glove man," Martinez was an integral component in Renteria's assured performance.

The summer unfolds with a soul-searching theme, as professional challenges and increased competition surface. As adjustments are made, power struggles may still cause friction. During this time of assessment, that which endures will be the better for it. Nevertheless, for Tino, this September looks a lot better than last.

Scorpio Eli Marrero
Eli Marrero (November 17, 1973) is a Scorpio, the most feared, yet most revered sign of the zodiac. An intense water sign, he's extremely sensitive but disinclined to show it. A secretive being, only a special few are allowed access to his inner world. Immensely strong-willed in pursuit, Scorpios can border on obsessiveness.

With Mars (energy) in fervent Aries, Eli's a serious soul with superabundant energy. Always on the go, when he wants something, he wants it NOW! Often nervous and tense, it's difficult for him to slow down and relax. A catcher by trade, he's extremely versatile, playing all three outfield positions, appearing in 111 games as an outfielder, while hitting 18 home runs.

This year marks Eli's Saturn Return-an auspicious astrological rite of passage that occurs at age 29-30. Enhanced career opportunities are highlighted as ambition increases. After a breakout season last year, he's even more determined to move mountains. Energy's at its highest peak. Reaching top performance, Eli's capable of the extraordinary.

Virgo Mike Matheny
Last but not least, Mike Matheny (September 22, 1970) is an earth sign Virgo, associated with unrivalled work ethic and health consciousness. Virgo's relentless quest for perfection had Mike make just 4 throwing errors in 106 games, while shutting down the opponent's running game. A humble leader, he's the best defensive catcher in the NL. Adept at handling errant pitches as well as pitchers, he shares a wonderful rapport-Mike's the great communicator behind the plate.

Taking pride in a job well done, what Virgos lack in self-confidence, they make up for in expertise. Making great physical demands on himself, he's a perfectionist with high standards. Last season Mike threw out 23 of 66 runners attempting to steal. Content to play supportive roles, this bedrock has an obliging nature, and prefers being of service. Mike makes numerous unannounced visits to hospitals and community organizations.

This season bestows additional responsibility, making life feel like an endurance test. Things can get challenging, with ambitions frustrated at times. Restructuring the elements of his life that may have become stagnant, while continuing to generate first-rate effort, is key for Mike Matheny.

In the Cardinals STARting Line-up, there's an embarrassment of riches-six former All-Stars, a former Gold Glove catcher, plus Manager of the Year Tony LaRussa leading the flock. The Cardinals are blessed with one of the leagues' most valuable infields. Plans are moving ahead for a new ballpark in America's best baseball city. Things are looking very rosy for the Red Birds this season!

Andrea Mallis is a Sports Astrologer and Writer, appearing on ESPN SportsCenter and Baseball Tonight. She writes astrology profiles for the Oakland Athletics Web site, and is astrologer on their post game show, "Extra Innings." She's also contributed to the MLB magazines of the A's, Yankees, Diamondbacks, Cardinals, Angels, Reds, Tigers, Padres, Rangers, and's Left Field. Let Andrea guide your game. For more information, please view E-mail Andrea at, or call 510-874-4911.

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