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TIGERS MAGAZINE - 2002 Season - Issue No.1

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Can a great season be written in the stars? Tigers Magazine asked astrologer and baseball expert Andrea Mallis to see how the planets align for Tigers manager Phil Garner, catcher Brandon Inge and outfielder Robert Fick as they celebrate birthdays this spring.


Detroit Tigers

Brandon Inge

Born May 19, 1977, Brandon is a Taurus, a practical earth sign. Appearing in a total of 79 games last season, he's patient and dedicated. Known for his strong arm, Brandon threw out 42.3% of runners attempting to steal-- tops among Tigers catchers. Pitchers appreciate Brandon's focus, compiling an impressive 4.89 ERA when he is behind the plate. Mars (the planet of energy and aggression) is a very important planet in an athlete's chart. Brandon has Mars in fiery Aries, rousing his more laid back Taurus nature. Mars in Aries is very strong --it embodies the warrior-- courageous and bold, with great physical and personal energy. Combative and scrappy, sports, exercise and competition fuel his mighty fire. Highly competitive, he enjoys a challenge or a good fight, and can be downright pugnacious at times. Abounding in energy and enthusiasm, the desire to blaze a trail, to do things in a new way-HIS way-runs very deep in Brandon. A natural adventurous streak, plus an appealing sense of innocence, allows him to take risks and gambles. He can fervently engage himself in exciting and daring activities with little fear, insecurity or frustration. He's an action person, constantly in motion. With strong faith in himself, he easily displays much courage, inner strength, confidence and enthusiasm. However, overnight success or instant enlightenment is not what he aims for. Self -conscious, there's a great need for ego-affirmation and praise. Developing self-acceptance regardless of performance is an important life lesson. Very serious about bringing inspirations into concrete form, there can be some occasional outbursts of brusque behavior, but Brandon's basic core is mellow. Capable of overcoming tremendous odds, with enormous self-discipline and focus, look for this Taurus the Tiger to ride through any challenging times, enabling him to triumph.

Robert Fick

Robert was born on March 15, 1974, a Pisces, an emotional water sign. Gentle, impressionable and receptive, Robert has great sensitivity and empathy with others. He also has a more cautious, careful realistic attitude towards life and is highly responsible and disciplined with regard to his obligations and duties. In fact, he many tend to work and struggle more than he needs to. Strong-willed, with an ingrained sense of authority, he has a wholehearted urge to accomplish grand things in an independent self-displaying manner. Susceptible to nervous strain, even physical exhaustion if he pushes too hard, it's important to schedule reflective quiet time. Tremendously versatile thanks to Mars in Gemini, Robert is the proverbial busy bee and eternal student all wrapped into one lively package. Energetic, restless and forever on the go, he craves variety, change-the baseball life suiting him remarkably well. As Gemini is the sign of duality, Robert is extremely versatile, playing in 4 different positions-catcher, first base, rightfield and designated hitter. He led the Tigers in homeruns with a total of 19 and was 5th in runs batted in with 61 last season. He also hit a career high .272 while appearing in 124 games. As a much-needed lefty home runs threat, Robert will probably open the season in right field. Having a strong sense of mission, his zeal, enthusiasm, and clarity of purpose enables him to achieve what he aims for. Robert has a strong will, but is usually quiet and understated about it. He's also able to strike a fine balance between idealism, optimism, and vision for the future on one hand, and a realistic sense of what can actually be acheived on the other. His patience and ability to accept limitation and frustration only strengthens his resolve. Talented for putting fresh ideas into practice, utilizing new ideas and methods appeal to him. September marks Robert's Saturn return, an important astrological cycle of new beginnings.

Phil Garner

Phil is a pragmatic Taurus, born April 30, 1949. He managed to compile 79 wins, the fifth most for the Tigers in his first year as manager. In his last two seasons with the Tigers, Phil had a 145-179 record. Nicknamed "Scrapiron" by former teammate and Hall of Famer Willie Stargell, that buzz word typifies Phil's tempestuous spirit. He brings experience, excellent teaching skills, and powerful strategies to the Tigers at Comerica Park and on the road.

As Taurus is known for their stubbornness, Phil pursues his desires tenaciously, resisting any attempts to sway him from his purpose. Capable of working long and persistently, he can be intensely willful, zealous, fanatical and very power conscious. His mind operates in a very deliberate and methodical manner and he dislikes being rushed or forced to give an opinion before he has thoroughly ruminated and digested an idea. Taurus does have the reputation of being a bit bull-headed, and to that extent, Phil may be difficult to influence once his mind is made up. However, his steadfast ability to concentrate and follow a project though to its completion imparts a hardy stabilizing influence to the team's efforts.

With Mars in determined Taurus, once he sets his mind on a goal, his commitment to it is extraordinary. Pursuing his ambitions tenaciously, he adamantly refuses to give up, or be influenced in any way. Like Aesop's tortoise, he labors patiently and resolutely until he achieves what he wants or until it is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that all is lost. He's a reliable, consistent and productive worker, preferring a steady routine. Interested in the bottom line, concrete results and solid, practical achievements, there has been some indecision about players roles. His stamina and persistence is his greatest strength, but he can also get caught in a rut, as there is a fine line between a rut and a groove with Taurus energy. Possessing the gifts of endurance and perseverance, he's willing to work hard to achieve his objectives. Self-discipline is ingrained in him and he instinctively realizes achievement is "10% inspiration, 90% perspiration".

Andrea Mallis is an avid baseball fan and creator of Virgo in Service Astrological Consulting. She can be contacted at 510-874-4911, or

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