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TIGERS MAGAZINE - 2002 Season - Issue No.2

Star Power

What do the stars have in store for Tigers Steve Sparks and Bobby Higginson, as both "boys of summer" celebrate upcoming birthdays? Astrologer Andrea Mallis offers insight into what gives these Tigers their star power.


Bobby Higginson:

Born on August 18th, 1970, inspiring Leo outfielder Bobby Higginson requires his own place to take charge. Proud and intensely individual, fire sign Leos have a burning desire to stand out, while receiving plenty of recognition and applause along the way. Driven by a powerful ego, it's difficult for Bobby to take orders or remain in the background. Never one to give into weakness, he's highly competitive and does the best he possibly can.

Big dreams and the determination to bring them into being are characteristic of Leo energy. With a noble, romantic heart, and a love of the dramatic and extravagant, Leos shine like no other. Leo strengths are their zest for life, their creative power, and a warm, generous heart. For ardent Leo, "all the worlds a stage." Desiring to be the hero makes for perfect baseball drama.

Ideal for an athlete, "Higgy" has Mars in swashbuckling Leo, fashioning a courageous King of the Zodiac on the playing field. This Tiger can roar! In 2000, he became the first Tiger ever to finish with a .300 batting average, 30 homeruns, and 100 RBIs-quite a feat when you consider Comerica Park is a pitcher's park with such distant fences. Nonetheless, Bobby hit .317 at home, and .239 on the road last year. He also paced the team with a career high: 80 walks, third in the AL, distinguished again as the only Tiger to have more walks than strikeouts. In fact, he had a 12-game stretch where he didn't strike out at all! One of the soundest outfielders in the game, he has excellent range and accuracy, and is up at the top for major league outfielder assists. Aggressive and fearless, he's a well-rounded player, playing either corner of the outfield, stealing bases, hitting the ball out of the park, and hardly ever hitting into double plays. In the face of a tough out he grinds away, hitting with two strikes, and taking more than his share of walks.

With Mercury in perfectionist Virgo, Bobby's blessed with an analytical mind and an aptitude for work requiring meticulous attention to detail. Keenly observant, he seems to have "x-ray vision" regarding the inner motivations and intentions of others. Perhaps his grandest feat, possessing the noblesse oblige that is distinctive to his sign, he established the Bobby Higginson Fund in 1997 to donate money to charity for every RBI and homer he hits. That's some slugger!

Steve Sparks:

Detroit Tigers' Pitcher Steve Sparks was born July 2nd, 1965, under the emotional water sign Cancer. This journeyman knuckleballer seems to have found a home (of prime significance to domestic Cancer) at Comerica Park, where he's displayed two excellent seasons. In 2001 he ranked 12th in the AL in ERA-higher than Andy Pettitte, Brad Radke, and C.C. Sabathia-and was 16th in wins.

Sympathetic and supportive, Steve is sensitive to the emotional needs of others. Kindness and consideration impress him more than other honors the world may bestow. As Steve can be rather reserved and vulnerable at heart, there's a tendency for him to seem moody. The frequent ups and downs in a Cancer's disposition resemble the cycles of the moon. He needs time to withdraw, dream, and replenish. His intuitive nature shows an inclination towards creative activities where he can immerse himself in deep feelings and imagination. Food, family, and feelings are the big three for compassionate Cancer. Moonchildren Cancers are sentimental creatures with powerful,
emotional attachments to the past.

Steve also possesses a more unorthodox side to his personality, and doesn't allow tradition, convention, or expectation to dictate his course in life. Craving freedom, adventure, and excitement, he embraces change. His tremendous inner resources allow him to pursue desires with complete dedication and tenacity, making potential for achievement immeasurable. He aims high and feels completion when he has attained his goals.

Named Tigers' Player of the Year in 2001 by the Detroit Chapter of the BBWAA, Steve was fourth in the AL with a career high of 232 innings pitched. A real innings "eater," his durability is astonishing. Workhorse Steve paced Tigers' starters with a 3.65 ERA, his lowest career mark. He pitched a major league best of 8 complete games, and amazingly enough, won them all! He led Detroit with 14 wins last year, and was the only Tiger starter to go the distance in a shutout. A Tiger in your tank-or in pitching rotation-is sure to travel far!


Andrea Mallis is an avid baseball fan and creator of Virgo in Service Astrological Consulting. She's the official astrologer on Oakland A's radio "Extra Innings" and is a featured guest on "Right off the Bat." She was recently featured on ESPN Sportscenter and Baseball Tonight. Her sports astrology profiles are published in magazines for the A's, Yankees, Tigers, Diamondbacks, Padres and Rangers. Residing in Berkeley, California, she can be contacted at 510-874-4911, or

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