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NY Yankees Magazine - March 2002 Vol.23, Issue 2

What's in the Staff's Stars?

by: Andrea Mallis


What do an economist, a king, a refugee, a "metalhead," and an intellectual have in common? This multifaceted collection of personalities makes up the mighty array of N.Y. Yankees starting pitchers. Here’s an astrological look at what makes these fascinating Yankees tick…should be superb timing to witness major league accomplishments!

  • Mike Mussina possesses a charismatic blend of intellect and athleticism. Watch for major transformation in his quest to achieve goals and strike-outs.
  • Leo is resident king of the zodiac, and Roger Clemens is a Leo, capable of accomplishing great feats en route to the Hall of Fame.
  • A smoldering intensity underlies Andy Pettite’s playful Gemini spirit. He’ll have a milestone year in 2002, as the 29-30th year marks an auspicious astrological rite-of-passage known as the "Saturn return."
  • Welcome back to the Bronx David Wells! This unconventional Taurus is a big-game pitcher with one inexhaustible arm. Wells may keep exhilarating cosmic company with fellow rascal Jason Giambi.
  • Not to be outdone, there’s gregarious Libra Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez whose unique angle continues to befuddle opposing batters.

With this imposing arsenal of Yankee pitchers, mystique and aura are sure to continue their run at Yankee Stadium 2002!

David Wells

David Wells embodies the Taurus archetype—an earth sign who enjoys the "good life"—creature comforts, sumptuous food, and luxurious living. Reliable and solid, David has thrown more than 200 innings for six consecutive seasons. Persistent, determined, and full of tremendous power, his tireless arm walks a precious few.

As a devoted fan of Babe Ruth, Wells thrives in the Bronx. Pitching is a healthy outlet for his enthusiasm and energy. A big-game pitcher, David is eccentric, and prefers living large. Impulsive, non-conformist, and fiercely individualistic, he makes an impact by digging in his stubborn Taurus heels. A boisterous personality, who enjoys blasting heavy-metal music, he may find a partner-in-crime in kindred free-spirit Jason Giambi. These thrilling risk-takers belong in the rebel corner of the Yankee clubhouse.

Mike Mussina

Mike is a rare mix of philosopher-on-the-mound and athlete supreme. He epitomizes Sagittarius’ bewitching blend—a degree in economics under his pinstriped belt, coupled with meticulous physical control and natural ability. He’s an adventure-seeker who loves to explore distant lands. A baseball career, complete with travel and variety, feeds his freedom-loving spirit. With his Moon in sentimental/nostalgic Cancer, when it comes to roots, Mike prefers his hometown Pennsylvania.

Mike’s optimistic, enthusiastic nature and reflective approach exemplify true benevolence. This year marks the beginning of a huge transformation. He will strive to accomplish as never before. More in tune with power and potential, "Moose" should be a formidable opponent, on the mound and off.

Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez

Libra "El Duque" embodies justice and fair play—the very symbol of his sign. He expects others to rise to a challenge and takes pride in a job well done. He has an earnest need to be of service and give back to the world. "El Duque" has earned his place in Yankee history. Striving to make his mark is high priority.

Orlando prefers to map out his own path, so he experiences difficulty only when someone stands in the way. Inventive and independent, he enjoys the unconventional side of life, and craves excitement. The more willful side of his nature shows when forced to conform. Boasting an impressive 8-1 postseason record, his dizzying array of pitch release points continues to perplex and disorient batters.

Andy Pettite

Variety is the spice of life for curious, ever-changeable Gemini. The constant melange of baseball life staves off dreaded routine. Dexterous, with great sleight of hand, Andy’s adroit pickoff move is one to behold!

Andy’s driven to explore the depths with intense mental power; he approaches life and pitching with equal intensity, focus, and psychological stamina. Complex and naturally private, he can be quite mysterious, showing cool remoteness, yet great emotional intensity. "Keep ’em guessing" is a Gemini adage, and does come in handy when facing opposing batters. This 29-30th year is a momentous one for Andy, as it heralds his Saturn return, a major astrological rite-of-passage. Facing life with increased maturity, he’ll accomplish cherished goals.

Roger Clemens

Leo is king of the zodiac and Roger Clemens needs a great deal of freedom to rule the ballpark. Inclined to be unpredictable, manager Joe Torre says Roger needs his "hot pepper persona" to pitch. Extremely dominant and one of the more intimidating pitchers, he decrees the stronger each time he faces a batter at plate. Strong-willed and aggressive, he goes to extremes, making batters uneasy.

Leo is a fire sign, and Roger’s blazing pitches make batters beg for mercy. Roger has the opportunity to show the baseball world just how charged being 40 can be! (Barry Bonds, a fellow Leo, also seems to improve with age.) No burnout here—expect more force and determination! Resolute to reach goals, he may clash with others, but success is favored by making a team effort.

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