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Andrea on ESPN

Andrea and ESPN SportsCenter
ESPN and Andrea

This past August, Andrea Mallis was interviewed by Scott Walker for ESPN Television-the worldwide leader in sports-on her work with the Oakland Athletics Baseball Team and Astrology. She appeared on ESPN SportsCenter twice, Baseball Tonight, and ESPN News. The hosts displayed a range of reactions: Buck Showalter was intrigued, Harold Reynolds quizzical, and Karl Ravech whimsically stated, "The A's apparently have some supernatural thing working for them." Trey Wingo insouciantly proclaimed, "Relax, it's all predetermined anyway."

Thrilled to discuss the amazin' A's with a universal audience, she accurately anticipated their ascent. Her vast astrological/baseball expertise was called upon once more in September 2002 during the A's record breaking 20-game winning streak, appearing on SportsCenter with hosts Rich Eisen and Dan Patrick. Witty Rich introduced her as the "unofficial Director of Intuitive Arts for the Oakland A's."

Here's what the A's had to say about Andrea's "A's and Astrology" ESPN segments and news reports:

Eric Chavez, open-minded Sagittarius 3rd baseman, had this to say...
"I'm becoming a believer in it. I wouldn't mind meeting with her and having her read my sign and see what's in store for me."
Andrea the Astrologer and Eric Chavez Andrea captures free spirit Sagittarius Eric Chavez for a moment. Eric is the A's Gold Glove 3rd baseman, having a very transformational year.

Barry Zito, philosophical Taurus, starting pitcher, shared this observation...
"Some people pray to a totem pole, some people pray to a sun, some people pray to a god. It all works for them. It all comes back to what you think."
Andrea and A's mellow Taurus pitcher Barry Zito, who's having a superb year. Andrea and A's mellow Taurus pitcher Barry Zito, who's having a superb year.

A's pitcher Tim Hudson and Andrea
A's pitcher Tim Hudson and Andrea
Tim Hudson, security-oriented Cancer, starting pitcher, interviewed along with Andrea on Channel 5 Eyewitness News, on "A's Astrology" seemed genuinely curious..."Ask her about my astrology...if it's good, let me know!"

Virgo's Scott and Andrea in her cosmic pad Scott Walker, ESPN Bureau Reporter and Andrea gleam in her celestial dwelling.

Capricorn Lisa and Virgo Andrea

"Andrea has appeared on ESPN's Baseball Tonight and SportsCenter, and it's always a pleasure to work with Andrea. To meet her is to know her and to know her is to love her. Her heart is warm, her eccentricty delightful, her passion for baseball contagious, and her knowldege of astrology unmatched."

Lisa Fenn, Associate Producer, ESPN
Lisa Fenn, ESPN Associate Producer and Andrea-industrious earth signs, in front of celestial bookshelf

Andrea and ESPN SportsCenter

Andrea and ESPN Classic


Andrea was also asked to share her sports astrology expertise on ESPN AllNight Radio with hosts Todd Wright and Louise Cornetta. Fascinating baseball and astrological insights were revealed about the unique chemistry of the Oakland Athletics to the delight of all!

"Andrea did a recent interview on Todd Wright's Show on ESPN Radio. Andrea brought her enthusiasm and knowledge and made for a fun interview. Her predictions had everyone anticipating whether the stars would really align for the A's. Andrea has become quite the person in demand at ESPN, as the television side has also talked to her on more than one occasion. I'm sure with Andrea the stars the limit!"

Louise Cornetta, Executive Producer, ESPN AllNight Radio

Basketball as crystal ball

Andrea contributed to ESPN.COM's engaging Page 2, sharing her insightful astrological sports knowledge on what's on the horizon for several prominent athletes in 2003. Her article "What's in the Stars for the Superstars?" include fascinating celestial profiles of Tiger Woods, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, Venus and Serena Williams, Yao Ming, Nomar Garciaparra and Mia Hamm, and more.

ESPN football

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