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This article originally printed in the September 2001 edition of the Athletics Magazine

Oakland A's baseball players, astrologically profiled by astrologer Andrea Mallis for Oakland A's September magazine.
                 celebrate birthdays this month, so we asked local astrologer and A's fan Andrea Mallis
                 to give us some insight on how the planets align for these two key team members.

Virgo Jason pitching before moving on for his Saturn return | Libra Jeremy batting with Plutonian intensity and determination
With four planets in this dependable earth sign, Jason clearly has the strong work ethic Virgos are known for. They strive for accuracy and precision, and are most efficient in work that requires exactness-pinpointing the strike zone, for instance. Virgos can appear overly critical and worrisome; this is due to a deeply imbedded streak of perfectionism. Going the distance, even if it means foregoing rest, exemplifies the Virgos all-consuming need to succeed. Iron man Cal Ripken Jr., played in 2,632 games in row, and All Star catcher Mike Piazza, who as a child took 300 swings a day in his backyard batting cage, are fellow big league Virgos. Dutiful Virgos seek to develop mastery in a specialized area and take pride in a job well done.
       With his sun in Virgo-right next to Mars, the planet of dynamic energy-Jason shines when he walks straight into a challenge, an excellent trait for a closer! He's energetic, assertive, competitive and sets high standards for himself. He enjoys the formidable task of being pressed into service during situations of extreme stress. This 29th year is a consequential one for Jason, as it marks his Saturn return: a momentous astrological rite of passage.

Jeremy is not your typical Libra. A pleasant Libran facade camouflages the intensity brewing beneath the surface. He has Mars, the planet of energy and aggression, next to his sun, in Libra, which turns the heat way up in the Fearless department. Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, is in the mix as well, promising strength of mind, will and body in almost superhuman proportions. Far beyond your mild-mannered Libra, Jeremy is a powerhouse, desiring dramatic and intense experiences. Possessing a strong sense of mission, he seeks enlightenment, transformation and power-all with an air of supernatural calm and mystery.
       With Mercury, the planet of communication, in intuitive Scorpio, Jeremy can appear secretive and quiet, when in fact he's quite an astute observer of the world. Driven to achieve greatness, Jeremy is a fierce competitor with tremendous powers of regeneration and rebirth. Jeremy shares his Libran sun sign with one of baseball's most celebrated sluggers, Mark McGwire, of the St. Louis Cardinals. Also keeping auspicious cosmic company with Jeremy is Seattle Mariners rookie sensation Ichiro Suzuki.
                     Andrea Mallis is the creator of Virgo in Service Astrological Consulting and can be
                     contacted at (510) 874-4911, andrea@virgoinservice.com or www.virgoinservice.com

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