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Andrea Mallis creatrix of virgo in service astrological consulting and deva

 I am Andrea Mallis and I'm as concerned about your life choices as you are. I rarely forget a name, and always remember your planetary configurations. Conscientious to a fault, I will rise above and beyond the call of duty to answer a deeply felt soul query. Like my archetype in the tarot, the hierophant, I am a spiritual teacher and bringer to light of sacred knowledge, with a strong belief in empowering individuals in claiming their own inner truth and highest good.

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  •  BA degree in Sociology
  • Graduate of Vicki Noble's Motherpeace School of Shamanic
    Healing Arts
  • Worked with Marcia Starck, author of Earth Mother Astrology
  • Three year resident astrologer at Gaia Bookstore in Berkeley
  • 3 year resident astrologer at Gifts of the Goddess, San Francisco
  • Appeared on KEST and STARTALK radio and numerous TV programs
  • Member NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research)
  • Featured speaker:
    South Bay Astrological Society
    San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium
    Pantheacon 2000
  • Published horoscope columns nationally, including Magical Blend magazine and Conscious Life
  • Wrote monthly horoscope columns for and
  • Contributor to Cosmic Link
  • Sports Astrology Commentator


Thanks Andrea for your deep insights, your ability to recognize opportunities, and your ability to make timely predictions. The astrology readings have helped me better understand individuals and complexities as they arise in my life. Looking forward to our next session!

C. G., New York City Educator

Andrea Mallis has been my astrologer for several years.  I usually get a year-long forecast, which tells me what months are going to be good for my career, love life or health.  She does her readings over the phone and records them to MP3 and then emails them, which is very convenient for me.  She also emails me a printed forecast.  She has also done compatibility reports with romantic partners, which can help understand conflicts, as well as insightful birth chart reports for me. If you are looking for an astrologer with over 20 years of experience and a great personality, I would highly recommend her service, Virgo in Service Astrological Consulting. She studied with Vicki Noble at the Motherpeace School and was the astrologer at Gaia Bookstore in Berkeley.  She is also a Sports Astrologer and there is feature article about her astrology work in baseball in NY Times and she is currently the astrologer on KNBR SF Giants radio and ESPN.

Crescent D., Berkeley, CA

"It's amazing how you always have been there in the past 20 years for me, helping me to make sense of some major transitions in my life! Bless you!"

- Kristina M.
Oakland, CA

"Andrea's readings provide me with an accurate and insightful road map for the year ahead. And when I go back to review the reading, it's a valuable touchstone to more deeply understand past events within the context of the stars."

- B.W., NY, NY

 "I recommend Andrea's work in astrology for her integrity, her commitment to service, and her personal quest for knowledge."

- Marcia Starck
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Medical Astrologer and Author

"Andrea Mallis is an excellent, empowering astrologer, taking a comprehensive look at the natal chart. When investigating current cycles, her Virgo mind for detail prepares us for what's ahead, becoming Masters of our Fates. I highly recommend her!"

- Vicki Noble
Santa Cruz, California
feminist healer, co-creator of Motherpeace.

"As a colleague of Andrea's, I highly recommend her service. She has the rare ability to blend compassion with attention to detail."

- K.S.
Aphrodite Astrological Services, Berkeley, California

"Insightful, magical and knowledgeable"

- Rachel S., Maui, Hawaii

"The best birthday present a girl could get!"

- GF, Student, Tucson, AZ

"Andrea Mallis is rare gem! I have relied on her for annual and special issue guidance for over a decade. She is methodical, insightful, funny and generous. And more important, her work has given me proactive information to plan and retroactive information to reframe and deepen my understanding of events, people and inner experiences. Plus she rocks the sports astrology!"

-Bonnie W, Oakland, CA

"I have had the pleasure of meeting with Andrea Mallis, who is by far the most informative astrologer I have experienced. For over 25 years, she has been reading the stars and can guide you on your path with precision and insight. I highly recommend her."

- Karma Moffett
Fine Artist, creator of the Tibetan Bell Experience
San Francisco, CA

"Thank you for the charts and reading. It was truly insightful and I appreciate your talents. Thanks for sharing your gifts with the universe. "

- Carey Sanchez Para, Castro Valley Unified School District

"I have been having my chart done by Andrea for years. I remember the first time she did my birth chart it was like I finally understood myself. She is very good at what she does to say nothing of the amount of time & energy she puts into each reading. I highly suggest getting your chart done as it will change your life."

- Kelly Pearl, San Ramon, CA

"I have appreciated your guidance over the last years. Your insight has been invaluable at key points in my life. Gracias, querida, for all your hard work and wisdom in helping us Spiritual Warriors have a little clarity and a few road maps... Con mucho carino. "

- Reyna - Albuquerque, NM

 "She was instrumental in learning about my childrens' behavior patterns. I had her do all my Day-Care childrens' charts."

- R.R.C.
Oakland, California

" articulate and warm individual as well as an amazingly accurate and thorough astrologer."

- C.W.
Berkeley, California

"Andrea helped me to recognize the patterns of the universe which made me realize that I was part of those patterns. Her work helped me reenter the world after years of feeling lost, confused and untethered."

- M.B., Vallejo, CA

 "A relationship reading with Andrea greatly increased communication and understanding with my partner."

- B.C.
Alameda, California

"Receiving astrological guidance from Andrea was truly a vacation for my soul. I now embrace my divine gifts more fully, knowing my life purpose at a deeper level of awareness, and that the planets support me along the way. Andrea's gentle yet powerful spirit is a gift to all who are lucky enough to connect with her."

- JL, MFT, Albany, CA

"Thanks to you, astrology has made sense of so many things in my life. Everything from having a controlling mother, to these dreamy, starry eyed Pisces. I’m so thankful our paths have crossed. Your astro therapy has been a blessing to me. For this Gemini, born in San Francisco during the Summer of Love, it all makes wonderful, mystical sense. "

- Alicia Ehle, San Francisco, CA

"I received an astrology forecast report from Andrea ....The reading has been "Right On" with everything! It makes me want to say "How did she know that"? Andrea's reading is amazingly accurate. I look forward to having her read my chart again. Thank you Andrea...."

- R.M. Boca Raton, Florida

"OH MY WORD! This touched me more than you know. This is me.
Now you really know me! LOL! Everything is true. It was like looking in the mirror. 100% accurate!
YOU ARE AMAZING IN YOUR WORK! I am so thankful that I chose YOU to do this for me.
I appreciate it so very much. "

- Pelagia, San Leandro, CA

"Andrea has not only guided me, she has helped me become a far better person. Andrea is one of the most selfless, mystical and insightful woman I have encountered. She has deeply assisted me through some rough times with accurate astrological insights. Talking with Andrea is like speaking to that long lost friend that you wish you had more of in your life. She is a true healer, providing timely guidance, you will be left with a heavenly angelic calm and trust in the universe. Book a session with her- it will change your life and open up different outlooks and approaches. She’s an icon in the sports world and has a vast knowledge of athletes, sports and the astrological, energetic influences on athletes as well as cultural figures. Virgo in Service is the place to be where Mercury is utilized through endless caring and support!"

- Jacob Cooper, LMSW, Reiki Master, Sedona, AZ

"Thank you so much again for this amazing 3 hour reading, I feel totally transformed and prepared for new year/new beginnings. Your readings mean so much to me!"

- Amelia Farley student, NY, NY

"We have been following Andrea's sports astrology readings on line for over a year and decided to order a reading for my son Tyler, a pitcher in the San Francisco Giants organization. Her insight into both the current and future performance cycles were both insightful and exciting. I would highly recommend to all those who seek an understanding into both personal and professional energy cycles. It was a great understanding of how timing, performance cycles and opportunities all work together. "

- Walter Beede
Founder and Executive Director of Baseball Process

"Andrea’s astrological reads are flawless, accessible, kind and laid back. I've listened to her pod casts; she is a gifted communicator: articulate, deeply knowledgeable, and down to earth. She manages to make the material relevant, which is no easy task, but like any pro at top of their game, she makes it seem effortless."

- Lisa Awrey, Oakland, CA
Test Kitchen Coordinator, Sun Basket


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