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Welcome to the Virgo in Service Featured Astrological Article. The topic of relationships is often on my mind as well as my clients. Since relationships are one of my specialties, its a joy for me to share this information with you. In my heartfelt desire to assist others, allow me to present what I hope is helpful and hopeful wisdom for you and your loved ones. I'm the first one that gets called when meeting that special someone new. Affectionately dubbed the "Relationship Queen," I'm the astrological counselor of choice for star-blessed rather than star crossed relationships. (If you know your rising sign, please read that too.)

ARIES You enjoy taking the initiative and showing the world what you can accomplish with your pioneering nature. You're romantic, enthusiastic and optimistic. An easygoing extrovert, you can start conversations and make new friends easily. Invariably looking for a challenge, the fiery Ram is independent, daring and dynamic. Qualities you look for in a potential mate include excitement, fearlessness, athletic ability, and a sense of adventure.

TAURUS Sensual and enduring Taurus, your persistent nature comes through in every thing you do. Ruled by Venus, goddess of love and beauty, you can easily attract others who enjoy your steady support. Earning money pleasurably and having a luxurious time with it, can indeed be one of your favorite pastimes, second only to good food and plenty of it. Keep a close watch on possessive behaviors. Qualities you look for in a potential mate include: commitment, longevity, stability and dependability.

GEMINI The sign of the eternal student! Signing up for classes and seminars are an ideal way to jump into action and meet new people. Always open to the many possibilities life offers, sharing ideas with others is an ideal way to begin new friendships. The Jack and Jill of all trades, you need to let your versatility shine. Your approach to relationships allows quite an expanse for creative exploration. Qualities you look for in a potential mate include: intelligence, versatility, quick-witted, sociability.

CANCER Emotional and sensitive, home and family is of great significance to you. Wanting to set up a comfortable nest is also of primary importance. With your magnetism, you draw people to you the way the Moon draws the ocean tides. You need someone sensitive enough to plumb your emotional depths and flexible enough to adapt to your ever-changing moods. Qualities you look for in a potential mate include: sympathetic nature, nurturing, intuitive, romantic, understanding.

LEO The kings and queens of the zodiac, your self-confidence and joy are contagious. Leos generally have an active love life and are demonstrative in their affection. Leos love to have fun, they enjoy drama, music, and the theater. Attracted to unusual and often times eccentric partners, deep down inside you crave loyalty and ultimate devotion. Qualities you look for in a potential mate include: confidence, generosity, ardent affection, loyalty.

VIRGO With reflective Mercury as your ruler, your approach to relationships may be more intellectual than emotional. Remember not to be too critical of others. Virgos are perfectionists in love, just as they are in other areas of life. If Virgos like you, they tend to demonstrate it in practical ways-fixing things, giving soothing massages, making a healthy dinner for you to relish. Qualities you look for in a potential mate include: practical, organized, reserved, clean and analytical.

LIBRA Idealistic Libra, more in love with love than any other sign of the zodiac! Ruled by romantic Venus, its no wonder that finding your life partner is indeed a very meaningful quest. Your affectionate nature and peacemaking abilities are marvelous qualities. However your desire for constant companionship can make you overly dependent. Qualities you look for in a potential mate include: partnership oriented, artistic, refined, peaceful, attractive, appreciative.

SCORPIO Intense and magnetic Scorpios don't just have relationships, they take hostages. Forceful Scorpio prefers committed, clearly defined relationships. However, a variety of approaches to intimacy may be more rewarding. Always a sign concerned with transformation and letting go, flawed friendships, marriages and love affairs may fall by the wayside. However, the good ones will emerge even stronger than ever. Qualities you look for in a potential mate include: devoted, tenacity, passionate, mysterious, expressive.

SAGITTARIUS The freedom loving sign of the zodiac, restless Sag needs a long leash in which to wander and explore. Those of you involved with sporty Sagittarius please take note. Pluto, the planet of transformation, suggests that they may be focused on themselves and a bit more self absorbed right now. Sags will be attracted to those who can appreciate their inward journey. Qualities you look for in a potential mate include: expansive, active, athletic, optimistic, philosophical, inspirational.

CAPRICORN Conservative and self-disciplined, the mountain goats deepest needs are to manage, take charge, and to administrate. The business of America is business, and ambitious Caps often put work ahead of pleasure. They may be difficult to get to know at first, but possess a rich romantic nature they prefer to carefully unfold. You have a lot to offer, but no one will believe it until you believe in yourself. Qualities you look for in a potential mate include: ambitious, responsible, patient, pragmatic, realism.

AQUARIUS Unconventional, non-conformist Aquarians prefer friendship before they allow themselves to enter into love. A real people person, your social magnetism and charisma can easily inspire others. The humanitarian and reformer of the zodiac, joining spiritual organizations and making friends through charity or volunteer work is a natural for you. Qualities you look for in a potential mate include: friendship first, inventive, progressive, unique, non-possessive.

PISCES Mystical Pisces, intuitive and emotional faculties are the most highly developed in your receptive sign. Yet when it comes to partnership, you may prefer a partner who is on top of all the details and mundane tasks of life. Pisceans can be moody and absorb other people energies like a psychic sponge. When attracted to a Pisces, you might find yourself riding the waves is worthwhile, since they are such caring and compassionate souls. Qualities you look for in a potential mate include: responsive, emotional, romantic, spiritual, understanding, tolerant.


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