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April 2002 - Vol.5, No3


World Series Game 7's Celestial Conquest by Andrea Mallis


On November 4th, 2001, the Arizona Diamondbacks had us on the edge of our seats with a thrilling 9th inning victory. Luis Gonzalez hit a single into left field at 9:17 p.m., ending the Yankees' title-winning streak. Nearly forty million people watched Game 7 of the World Series-the largest TV audience for baseball in over ten years. The D'backs pushed the Yanks to the brink, forcing them into the deciding Game 7, a feat not accomplished since 1964. It brought a World Series championship to a young expansion team of just four years-the first sports championship for the state of Arizona. Curt Schilling gleefully proclaimed, "Phoenix is now a baseball town."

Many factors led to that nail-biting triumph. An astrological analysis of three pivotal players punctuates the performance: Dutiful Virgos Randy Johnson (born Sept. 10, 1963) and Luis Gonzalez (born Sept. 3, 1967), and the unwavering Scorpio Curt Schilling (born Nov. 14, 1966).

The D'backs outstanding ERA confounded Yankees batters, creating an anemic .184 batting average with a total of 14 runs scored, spread over the entire 7 game series. Schilling and Johnson, the twin aces of the D'backs, pulled off a grand overthrow. The dynamic duo won 52 games, including 9 in the postseason. They combined for more strikeouts in one season than any previous pair, finishing first and second in the majors in ERA and Cy Young voting. They continued their domination into the postseason, compiling a stingy 1.45 ERA in their 11 starts. Pitching on short rest, these workhorses helped carry the team to victory. The double-trouble entity of Schilling and Johnson overthrew the Yankees regime, and were rightfully voted co-MVPs of the Series.

The Game 7 coup took place due to the persevering Curt Schilling and the conscientious Randy Johnson. As reliever Mike Morgan declared, "They are our 1 and 1A." Mark Grace deduced, "our aura and mystique are Curt and Randy." Yankees right fielder Paul O'Neill glumly admitted that the Yanks really got beat by two pitchers. It was fitting that Schilling started Game 7 and Johnson finished. The battlefield was set for warriors Schilling vs. Clemens. What a pitching duel it was! The D'backs won 3-2 with 2 runs in the 9th. Schilling pitched well, sprinkling six hits over seven innings. Batista got one out, when sure and steady Johnson came in. Looking fresh after throwing over 100 pitches on a day's rest, the 6'10" "Big Unit" won the game in relief. Tino Martinez remarked, "75% of Randy is better than most!" Picking up the win, he ended the postseason with a robust 5-1, going 3-0 with a 1.04 ERA in three World Series appearances.

Randy Johnson

Randy Johnson embodies the Virgo work ethic. (Fellow Virgo Iron man Cal Ripken Jr. played 2,632 games in a row.) Dedicated to health and fitness, paramount Virgo concerns, Randy continues to be a force to reckon with. He led the majors in strikeouts in 2001, won a Cy Young Award (4 total) and has a plethora of complete game shutouts. Even more amazing, Johnson averages 13.4 strikeouts per 9-inning game, a Major League baseball record.

Luis Gonzalez

Though Randy Johnson and Luis Gonzalez are modest, they both take pride in jobs well done. Johnson is quite intense, driven by a deep sense of mission. He can be incredibly willful, pushing himself hard. Virgo is an earth sign concerned with attainment. The joy of competing runs deep in his soul. Johnson has patience and stamina to realize and manifest his visions. He strikes a fine balance between hard work and realism, possessing a positive, hopeful spirit. A firm believer in systems and plans, he takes one step at a time. His well-balanced approach gained him a reputation for being accomplished without pretense.

Virgos thrive in service, and Johnson was delighted to work in relief of Schilling. In similar fashion, "Gonzo" is content to do whatever it takes for a team win. In Game 7, with the infield playing in, Gonzo hit a Rivera pitch off the handle of his choked-up bat. Gonzo acknowledged, "It doesn't matter how it looked, it goes as a hit and a game-winning run." Eschewing the spotlight, Virgos leave the fanfare to others. Dubbed one of the most unassuming guys in the game today, Gonzalez is scrupulously honest and modest to a fault. He often does not give himself enough credit. Work is the raison d'être for Virgos, so it's no surprise that Luis was the only player in the National League to start in all 162 games!

Mars, the planet of energy and aggression, is a crucial planet in an athlete's chart. Gonzo's Mars in powerful Scorpio packs quite a wallop. He pursues goals with passion and will. He lives heroically-just the guy you want at the plate in a crucial game! Enterprising and ambitious, Gonzo is willing to take risks. But no matter how much he accomplishes, he never seems completely satisfied-a hallmark of Virgo energy. Gonzo won't rest on his laurels; he relishes competition and the reward of even greater accomplishment. A natural athlete with an uncanny sense of timing, he's blessed with quick reflexes. With abundant vitality, he makes a popular leader, spearheading projects and inspiring others. Look for Gonzo to be a source of strength, as well as a reliable fixture in the line-up. After sparking the offense last year with 57 homers, 142 RBIs, and batting .325, you can bet he'll be a mainstay in the No. 3 spot.

Curt Schilling

Scorpio Curt Schilling is quiet and emotionally complex. A real go-getter, he couldn't wait to be handed the ball for Game 7. He has a deep belief in his ability to survive challenge, and emerges victorious from any difficulty. Curt pursues goals with singleness of purpose, being somewhat compulsive, even fanatical at times. Scorpios do not do things halfway. With Mercury in Scorpio, his potent mental concentration makes him a formidable pitcher to face. Probing beneath the surface, Curt studies video for any possible edge in matchups with hitters. Striving for precision, mysterious Curt experiments with a multitude of pitches. He reaches back for extra velocity, personally and professionally. He conserves this added force and paces himself, never wasting energy. With Mars in Virgo, Curt's a perfectionist with high standards. Starting three times in the World Series, he's compiled an impressive 1-0 record with an outstanding 1.69 ERA. In three World Series, he's never allowed more than two runs. He can be a taskmaster, expecting far greater effect from his efforts. It was no surprise when he stepped up after only three days rest to pitch Game 7. With a career high of 22 victories in 2001, expect Schilling to be hell bent on further transformation.

Timing is everything in a synchronistic universe. Baseball drama unfolded with pitches and hits that were perfectly placed. As if to emphasize the extraordinary happenings of that unforgettable night, rain began to fall through the open roof at the BOB. This time the magic touch anointed a new team-the World Series champion Arizona Diamondbacks-poised for yet another stellar season.

Andrea Mallis is an avid baseball fan and the creator of Virgo in Service Astrological Consulting. Residing in Berkeley, California, she can be contacted at 510-874-4911, or

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