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It's a gift to combine my two passions-Baseball and Astrology with a new audience. I've been a baseball fan since 1973, growing up near Shea Stadium in New York City. I fondly remember the 1973 World Series: Oakland A's vs. New York Mets.

Through the many twists and turns of life, and cosmic coincidences, things have come full circle.

Enjoy an enchanting blend of baseball and astrology, revealing what makes athletes stars shine like no other.

Andrea and Robert Buan, host of Extra Innings radio
Andrea Mallis and Robert Buan
 Andrea Mallis is the official astrologer on Oakland A's radio post game show "Extra Innings" with Robert Buan, offering timely and insightful analysis. She is proudly part of the "Extra Inning All Stars" and one of Robert's more extraordinary correspondents.

Andrea was a featured guest on Marty Lurie's Oakland A's radio show "Right off the Bat" highlighting A's eccentric pitcher Barry Zito's astrology chart.
Andrea the astrologer and unique Aquarius Marty Lurie
Andrea and Marty Lurie

Here's what Marty had to say about her exciting appearance: "Andrea from Virgo in Service Astrological Consulting, discussed the astrological chart of Athletics starting pitchers Barry Zito."

enigmatic Taurus Barry Zito
Barry Zito
"Not only was Andrea's analysis right on, but she delivered the information with perfect timing and in a manner which made the average listener take notice. I received many compliments on the show and requests that Andrea return. I look forward to having Andrea on Right Off the Bat next season."

Jason and Andrea before he moved on for his Saturn return

Andrea wrote about Virgo Jason Isringhausen in her "Star Players" article in Oakland Athletics magazine. She expertly predicted that he would indeed be making major life transitions as he moved ahead during his Saturn return.

Jason Isringhausen

Andrea appeared on "The Rick Barry show" on KNBR. Rick Barry, host of the Rick Barry show on KNBR radio, The Sports Leader. 12 Noon to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday on KNBR 680, PST, expressed this after Andrea's appearance.

"Andrea Mallis, Astrologer, provided a fascinating perspective on Barry Bonds astrology chart during his home run chase. She accurately predicted he would indeed break the record. More importantly, she revealed the complex person he is with her witty and engaging analysis. She's very knowledgeable about baseball and is welcome back to KNBR anytime."

Rick Barry and Andrea Mallis, Astrologer on KNBR
Andrea Mallis with Rick Barry

Andrea sharing her thoughts with KNBR listeners
Andrea sharing her astrological knowledge with listeners of KNBR radio!

Andrea and Bleacher Dave at the KNBR sports auction, thinking about placing a bid on Miguel Tejada's bat.

Cheerful Sagittarius Mary Lou and Andrea
Andrea and Mary Lou, representing the very best in A's services!




Andrea and her favorite "A" Stomper
As Elephants are a good luck symbol,
I wonder what sign Stomper is?

Andrea the Astrologer in ticket 1050 booth
Andrea at Ticket 1050 booth during March Madness at Great America
Ricky, distinguished proprietor and Andrea

The Ticket 1050- Andrea Mallis is the Astrologer/Spiritual Advisor on the Paulie Mack show. Paulie brings entertainment, music and personality profiles into the sports talk mix. Andrea's recent and most lively astrological contributions include former Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden's vs. owner Al Davis, Patriots quarterbacks Tom Brady and Drew Bledsoe, Rams Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk's astrology charts as well as incisive Super Bowl XXXVI predictions.

Intense Scorpio Ricky, owner of famed Ricky's Sports Bar in San Leandro and Andrea

Listen for Andrea's annual Super Bowl predictionsBeyond baseball, Andrea shares her astrological knowledge with Raider Nation on Ticket 1050. Commitment to excellence - the Raiders and my astrology.

"Andrea has added a unique dimension to the Paulie Mack Show on The Ticket 1050 with her intriguing guest appearances on our program. So far, she has shared the astrology charts of Tom Brady, Drew Bledsoe, Jon Gruden, Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk to our sports-crazed male listeners. Her eclectic blend of astrology and sports commentary provides an enticing experience for The Ticket 1050's Northern California audience. After each time Andrea's been on the air, we receive several calls from our listeners asking when she'll be back on the show."

Mike Powers | Producer, The Paulie Mack Show The Ticket 1050 - San Francisco

Paulie Mack on the Ticket 1050
Paulie Mack with Jerry Rice
Additionally, listen for Andrea Mallis, Astrologer, on ESPN All Night Radio
and Fox Sports Radio. You'll never know where she'll pop up.

She's shared metaphysical banter with sports broadcasters Greg Papa and Rod Brooks, "The Rodfather" of Ticket 1050 radio. She's even battled wits and repartee with Aquarius Gary Radnich of Channel 4 Sports. Andrea's the author of "Star Players", astrological profiles on Jeremy Giambi and Jason Isringhausen in Oakland Athletics Magazine.

Want more fun-filled baseball? Be sure and visit Andrea's Fanfest Page.

Deva casting her spell
Deva the magical cat, a truly special being.

Virgo in Service going for the stars

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