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It was a delight to take part in the spirited Fanfests of our excellent Bay Area baseball teams. Subway series anyone?

Andrea and Tim Hudson
Andrea and Tim Hudson, inspirational sun sign Cancer and A's pitcher extraordinare
Andrea the Astrologer and Barry Zito
Andrea sharing her latest astrological
forecast report with A's fanciful
Taurus Barry Zito

 Laurel and Art Howe
 Laurel, baseball wiz kid, swaps smiles with A's skipper Art Howe


A's fans Pam, Andrea and Laurel

Pam, with her trademark green hair, Andrea armed with her astrology charts, and Laurel, ready for another sensational season A's style!
Andrea and Jeremy Giambi
Andrea profiled Libra Jeremy Giambi's astrology chart in her "Star Players" article in Athletics magazine

Andrea in A's dugout
Andrea in Oakland A's dugout, pointing to a stellar season

Andrea Mallis Astrologer at Giants fanfest
Andrea traveled across the Bay to
share her celestial wisdom at the
San Francisco Giants Fanfest
Andrea and Giants J.T. Snow and Barry BondsAndrea showcased Leo Barry Bond's astrology chart on KNBR radio predicting assuredly he'd break the home run record!

Responsive Pisces Terrence is amused
Barry Zito, Terrence Long and Adam Piatt at A's Fanfest responding to Andrea's
astrological question-- Does Terrence celebrate his birthday every 4 years
being born on Leap Day Feb 29th? Photo courtesy of Amory Donaldson


Andrea Mallis Astrologer, at Giants Fanfest
The stage is set as Andrea the Astrologer prognosticates the Giants season ahead.

 Andrea Mallis Astrologer, at Oakland A's Booster Club
Andrea Mallis, creatrix of Virgo in Service Astrological Consulting, sharing promising planetary insights with the Oakland A's
Booster Club.

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