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 The East Bay Monthly - May 2002 - Vol.32,No.8

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Pro sports teams employ all manner of specialists, from chiropractors to masseurs, even psychologists. But the Oakland A's may be the only franchise to use the services of an astrologer. While she's not on the payroll, Berkeley astrologer Andrea Mallis' predictions are regularly featured on the team's pre- and post- game radio broadcasts on KFRC 610AM. Mallis got her start last season after attending a game with some friends. The experience rekindled her keen interest in our national pastime--growing up in the shadow of Shea Stadium in Queens, NY, she rooted for the amazing Mets. After the A's game, Mallis, a trained astrologer who specializes in relationships, decided to call into the post-game show to offer up her two cents on the state of the green and gold. She was such a hit that she was added to the show as an astrological correspondent. A star was born. The buzz also led Mallis to do astrological profiles of the players for the A's magazine - a gig she's turned into a bit of a specialty. This year she'll pen similar articles for fanzines put out by the New York Yankees, San Diego Padres, Detroit Tigers, Texas Rangers and Arizona Diamondbacks. She also consults with players, but declined to divulge their names. I tracked Mallis down to see what the season may hold for the East Bay's boys of summer.

Paul Kilduff: Baseball players are the most superstitious of all athletes. Is there a connection between astrology and the way a lot of ball players view the game?

Andrea Mallis: I think athletes in general are always looking for an extra edge, something to optimize their performance, much like regular people want to know the best time to change jobs or initiate a new relationship. What is interesting about this generation is they're looking in different ways. We're in the Age of Aquarius now. Athletes are going to yoga camp, so that's a way to improve their inner and their outer game.

PK: The Age of Aquarius is something we've all heard of, but what does it mean and when did it start?

AM: There's some debate on that, but roughly around 2000. The Age of Aquarius is basically a time when people adopt more Aquarian ideals-more humanitarian, brotherhood, sisterhood. It's a very open-minded, somewhat rebellious time.

PK: We've been talking about the Age of Aquarius since the '70s.

AM: The '60s actually. The day the A's became the Oakland A's, April 17, 1968, there was a Uranus-Pluto conjunction that happens once every 150 years, which is a lot of transformation. Very free-spirited. The zeitgeist of that time was wanting to be different. Do your own thing. I think the Oakland A's embody that. They definitely are a little rebellious. I think Charles Finley [team owner at the time] wanted to use yellow baseballs.

PK: It was orange. Are you saying that the A's, in their Oakland incarnation born under the upstart Aries sign, have always had an Aquarian esprit de corps?

AM: Yes. A good counterpoint to that would be the Yankees. I ran their incorporation chart and they're a Taurus; April 22, 1903. It's an energy very focused on material possessions, money. Taurus is an earth sign, so it's very much about having resources and being kind of conservative. I mean, the pinstripes. They're very business-like that way.

PK: They have all the money and they end up buying all the A's stars.

AM: Deep pockets is an understatement. The A's are a low-payroll club and a lot of A's-Reggie Jackson, Catfish Hunter, and now Giambi have shifted to the Yankees and their older, more established ball club in contrast to the free-spirited A's.

PK: Speaking of Jason Giambi, how do you think he'll fare under the Yankees strict regime? They don't even allow facial hair.

AM: He's clean-shaven now and people think that must be so hard for him, but he's a sun sign Capricorn. He's no stranger to rules. Capricorns are super-ambitious. They're very interested in success, so if it means shaving off his goatee and keeping his tattoo under wraps it's really not that much of a sacrifice.

PK: Do you give any actual baseball advice - don't swing at the high fastballs inside on a 3-2 count? Or do you leave that to Art Howe?

AM: I paint with a broader brush and I talk about cycles a lot with athletes, and specifically Mars, which is energy, assertion, aggression. A Mars cycle is about two years and it's usually some sort of culmination. Barry Zito recently had Mars conjuncting his sun in Taurus, so his contract should be pinned down soon. There's a Jupiter transit thrown in there as well, which is like the Midas touch. Jupiter's the Santa Claus of the Zodiac. It makes things bigger and better. I would say this is a lucrative, opportune time.

PK: Is Zito-a guy who likes to dye his hair blue-more inclined to take astrology seriously?

AM: I think his generation (he's born in 1978, so that's the Neptune in Sagittarius generation) is very open-minded and instinctively religious, very philosophical. While he has that eccentric exterior he also has a really strong work ethic and he's very determined. He's a Taurus, but he has three planets in Leo and he's a fan favorite. The A's are getting a lot of momentum from their pitchers-Zito, Hudson, and Mulder.

PK: What about Tim Hudson? What do the stars tell us about him?

AM: Huddy, July 14, 1975, he's a sun sign Cancer, so home and family are real important to him. He has Saturn right next to the sun in Cancer and that makes him very serious, very disciplined. I think Art Howe called him a bull-dog. Which is interesting cause he's sort of slight compared to the larger pitchers, but he's very tenacious. And I think this June, when Jupiter hits his sun in Cancer, he'll experience a lot of self-confidence and a lot of success.

PK: What about Mulder?

AM: He's a Leo, the king of the Zodiac. He's like a Greek God on the pitching mound. He has a very commanding energy and presence when he's pitching and Leo loves the spotlight, accolades, and the recognition.

PK: Any predictions for the home nine this season?

AM: As an A's fan I absolutely see them winning the World Series. As an astrologer, I think they have a very good chance.

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