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Cubs fans don't want to hear it.

But there might be trouble ahead for Juan Pierre, the speedy center fielder the club acquired Wednesday from the Florida Marlins. At least that's what sports astrologer Andrea Mallis plans to tell Cubs general manager Jim Hendry during her stay at baseball's winter meetings in Dallas. Not that Hendry wants to hear it either.

When contacted by phone and informed Pierre was born Aug. 14, 1977, in Mobile, Ala., Mallis consulted her astrological charts and data and reported:

"I see him wearing down in September and October of 2006. He has the same Saturn aspect in Leo that Barry Bonds had last year. I see the same karma morass that caught up with Barry—you know, the injuries, the IRS, the mistress … this looks like a challenge for Juan Pierre. I'm not going to sugarcoat things. I call them as I see them. I see major red flags."

Mallis, who has a degree in sociology, is not considered a lightweight. Her Web site ( notes she has a regular astrology segment on the Oakland A's postgame radio show. She writes for MLB Magazine and and appears on ESPN's "SportsCenter" and "Cold Pizza."

Cubs manager Dusty Baker remembers the Berkeley, Calif.,-based Mallis from his days as the San Francisco Giants' manager.

"Hey, you're the astrology lady," Baker said when he emerged from a meeting room at the winter meetings in Dallas and saw her this week.

"Dusty Baker is a Gemini, very open-minded," Mallis said.

Mallis met White Sox general manager Ken Williams this week and with Sox manager Ozzie Guillen last year at the owners' meetings in Anaheim.

"I sent Ozzie some information that he asked for," she said. "I can save teams millions of dollars."

Regarding the White Sox's re-signing of Paul Konerko, Mallis said:

"Paul is dominant in 2006. Positive Pluto aspects to Mars. Paul could be a powerhouse in 2006 if he doesn't burn out. During May-July, expect the unexpected. He will reach his best during August and September."

According to Mallis' charts, the 28-year-old Pierre faces physical challenges in February 2007, March 2007 and June 2007.

"It's problematic," she said. "Bones, knees, joints, low physical energy."

Word on the street

Guillen said a recent autograph signing event in Venezuela involving himself, Sox pitcher Freddy Garcia, Angels pitcher Francisco Rodriguez and Marlins infielder/outfielder Miguel Cabrera raised about 600 million bolivares, or nearly $28,000.

"They're still going crazy," Guillen said.

The proceeds go to the children's hospital Guillen helped build in Venezuela. …

Gordy McKenzie, a coach with the Cubs in 1982 under Lee Elia, was at the baseball meetings in Dallas. McKenzie now lives in Leesburg, Fla., and is a scout for the Astros. … Milo Hamilton, Hall of Fame baseball broadcaster, will be the featured speaker at the winter meetings banquet Thursday night. He is in Dallas to promote his book "Making Airwaves" (Sports Publishing, $24.95), which is co-authored by former Cubs media relations director Bob Ibach.


Scottie Pippen, who will have his No. 33 jersey retired during a ceremony at halftime of Friday night's Bulls game against the Lakers, on the championship Bulls teams:

"We felt like we did become rock stars. We had fans of every generation, and we embraced them. We had all different kinds of characters on that basketball team. If you didn't like the wildness of Dennis Rodman, you might like the flashiness of Michael Jordan, or the subtleness of Scottie Pippen. It was a different team. It was a lot of fun."

Sight seen

Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan was peddling beef at the winter meetings. Burger samples from Ryan's cattle farm were being offered.



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