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May 10-12, 2002 - vol31 no7

"Is it in the stars?"

by Andrea Mallis


Bill Haselman:

Texas Rangers' Catcher Bill Haselman is a versatile Gemini, born May 25th, 1966. It's difficult for Gemini, the sign of the twins, to be limited to a single pursuit. During high school, Bill lettered in four sports: baseball, football, basketball, and soccer. Curiosity propels him into life experience. Forever restless, Bill's persistent will is never quelled. His anthem might yell, "Give it a shot!"

One of his greatest strengths is articulate communication. Haselman relishes the exchange of ideas and works closely with his pitchers. The baseball life suits him with variety and motion. Still, he's retained some pretty close connections to the past- Bill Haselman is the only player in Rangers' history to spend three separate tours of duty with the team.

As Mars (planet of energy and aggression) is a crucial planet in an athlete's chart, Bill's powerful Mars in persistent Taurus bolsters his nature, providing a victorious spirit with motivation to win. His dedication to goals is extraordinary. Bill pursues ambitions tenaciously, with great stamina and strength. He hasn't committed an error in 247 total chances and 47 games behind the plate.

A sturdy back-up catcher to Ivan Rodriguez, he hit a 3-run homerun as the Rangers recorded their first victory of the season against the Oakland A's, his favorite childhood team. Fans should take comfort knowing there's a reliable backstop on their team, and now with Pudge on the disabled list, expect Bill to rise to the formidable task.


Andrea Mallis is an avid baseball fan and creator of Virgo in Service Astrological Consulting. Her numerous sports astrology profiles are published in magazines for the Athletics, Yankees, Diamondbacks, Tigers and Padres. She can be contacted at 510-874-4911,, or

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