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Red Sox Magazine - 2003 Edition

 Red Sox Magazine - 2003 Edition

"What's in the Stars for Red Sox Stars?"

by Andrea Mallis


Off to a rousing start, things look promising for the Boston Red Sox -- a multi-talented team with a sprinkling of All Stars, a batting champ, and two twenty-game winners that led the AL in ERA last season. Matching their best April in franchise history, going 18-8, the Sox set a club record -- scoring 155 runs in 26 games. The youngest GM in baseball history, Theo Epstein, pledged, "our best baseball is still ahead of us."
As a sports astrologer and baseball fan, it's my pleasure to glimpse at what's in the stars for the Red Sox star players.

Johnny DamonJohnny Damon (November 5, 1973)
An intense Scorpio, Johnny approaches life with determination. The hardest batter to double up in the Major Leagues, swift-footed Johnny led the AL last season with 11 triples, and the Sox with 6 bunt hits, while legging out 35 infield hits. A quick leadoff man, Johnny also swiped 31 bases. It was the 5th consecutive year he scored 100 Runs. Plus, his prowess with the glove is extraordinary -- he set the AL record in errorless outfielding attempts. Power-conscious Johnny is a driven individualist, with a remarkable ability to revitalize himself. This summer marks Johnny's Saturn Return -- an auspicious rite of passage that occurs around age 29. It's characterized by increased ambition. A simultaneous Neptune conflict may cause friction, casting a fog over things, as Johnny questions his confidence.

Nomar GarciaparraNomar Garciaparra (July 23, 1973)
Like Leo, the King of the Zodiac, strong-willed and zealous Nomar Garciaparra became the fastest Sox player ever to reach 1,000 hits. Leos prefer to stand out, and Nomar's acrobatic throws, expansive range, and elaborate batting rituals accomplish that. With a myriad of planets in fire, Nomar's a notorious first-pitch hitter. In 2002, Nomar's 56 doubles were the most by a shortstop in ML history, moving him to 2nd on the Sox all-time list. He was the first Sox player to have two 50-double seasons. Indeed, crafty Nomar knows how to utilize the Green Monster to his benefit. Nomar's hit 20 or more HRs in each of his five full ML seasons, and appeared in four All-Star games. This summer should be especially effective. While inspiring those around him, noble Nomar rules the roster.

Jeremy Dean Giambi Jeremy Giambi (September 30, 1974)
A pleasant Libran façade camouflages what brews beneath the surface of Jeremy Giambi. Secretive and quiet, he's quite an astute observer of the world. With an air of supernatural calm, Jeremy seeks transformation and power, especially when performance doesn't measure up to his standards. An impassioned Libra with a strong Mars (energy), he's driven by a sense of destiny. With Pluto (power) in the mix, strength of mind, will, and body is guaranteed. Always a homerun threat, he became the first player in ML history to hit eight or more HRs in both leagues before the All-Star break last season. With an impressive OBP, slugging percentage, and penchant for walks, this resourceful Libra continually puts on the steam.

Kevin MillarKevin Millar (September 24, 1971)
While harmony and balance are Libra keynotes, Kevin Millar is equally driven by an almost compulsive desire for recognition. His powerful personal magnetism attracts guaranteed payback. Several planets in meticulous Virgo make him an exacting perfectionist, drawing upon an analytical mind, and an aptitude for detailed work. Empowered by an abundance of vitality, last season with the Marlins, Kevin hit .306, with a career high in doubles. While this season may not be optimal for advancement, it's a good time to adapt a rigorous physical regimen and avoid situations that tax physical strength. Early June offers opportunity for this offensive force. But it's important that Kevin doesn't get carried away.

Doug MirabelliDoug Mirabelli (October 18, 1970)
A consummate team player, Libra Doug Mirabelli has Mars in perfectionist Virgo. He sets very high standards, and painstakingly strives for accuracy and precision. A superb back-up catcher, he was errorless in 57 games last season, throwing out half of all runners. Doug overpowers obstacles, and is capable of exceptional achievement. Absolutely fearless behind the plate, he's blessed with a strong arm, an inexhaustible supply of energy, AND smarts -- he calls an excellent game. August creates a favorable atmosphere for seeking recognition and support from those in power. For Mirabelli, it's time to think big.

Bill MuellerBill Mueller (March 17, 1971)
Bill Mueller's a Pisces, an empathetic water sign. Bolstered by an aggressive Mars in Aries, he personifies the warrior's attitude. Highly competitive and abounding in enthusiasm, the desire to blaze a trail is paramount. Responding quickly to tasks, he has an abundance of fervor, but may suffer from lack of faith. A popular teammate, he honors a spot in the lineup and contributes timely hits. July's a time of adjustment, as Bill separates himself from people and circumstances not in his favor. During this restless time, there's increasing challenge to go forward in some areas, while cutting back in others.

Trot NixonTrot Nixon (April 11, 1974)
A charismatic Aries who thrives on challenge, fan favorite Trot Nixon had career highs in doubles (36) and RBIs (94) last season. With hallmark gritty helmet upon his head, he appeared in 152 games. Craving freedom, he likes to be the chief, and makes an upbeat leader with a rebellious streak. Trot loves action; he's always ready to stir things up. Some say he's too intense, but that's what assertive Aries is all about. They relish a dare, and Trot's clutch hitting rises to the occasion, hitting .333 with RISP and 2 out. With Mars in adaptable Gemini, he can hit from any position in the line-up, and play any outfield spot. With his Saturn Return concluded in June, he'll have a strong sense of having survived, and coming into his own. His physical body increases in vigor as he manifests his full potential.

David OrtizDavid Ortiz (November 18, 1975)
Quiet and emotionally complex, Scorpio David Ortiz isn't easy to get to know. Spurred by excellent mental concentration, he brings total dedication to the job. Dynamic, decisive, and somewhat impulsive, there's much power lurking in his strong left-handed bat. Blessed with fast reflexes and good timing, last season with the Twins he had a 19-game hit streak. Inordinately ambitious, Scorpios need a large arena to fulfill their capacity. This June David's desires are put to the test. Though he's feeling more determined, paradoxically, his actions might meet with resistance. His task is to learn the most efficient use of energy in order to succeed.

Manuel Aristides Ramirez Manny Ramirez (May 30, 1972)
One of the most potent right-handed hitters in baseball, adept Gemini Manny Ramirez won the AL batting title last season (.349) and Silver Slugger Award. This offensive powerhouse has exceptional bat control, plate coverage, and speed -- Geminis are noted for their alacrity. Mighty Manny led the Red Sox with 7 multi-HR games and 29 multi-RBI games, with 100 or more RBIs in five consecutive seasons, while belting at least 26 HRs. A six-time All-Star, who leads the league in OBP, he's had 15 career grand slams -- the most ever by a Latin Player -- and a career batting average of .316. This Triple Crown threat's physical energies are as powerful as his ambitions. September may offer a challenge as vitality is curbed. Saturn (limitation) limits Mars (energy) and special attention may need to be placed upon shoring up his engine.

Jason VaritekJason Varitek (April 11, 1972)
Sturdy backstop and veritable workhorse behind the plate, Jason Varitek is a fire sign Aries, with admirable leadership ability. Aries loves spearheading new projects and inspiring others to action. Jason's a real dynamo -- excelling at handling pitchers and controlling the game, he expertly discerns potentials of opposing batters. Entering 2003, he's caught 521 games, 7th all time for Sox, with an outstanding .992 fielding percentage. Perseverant Jason sported a 16-game career-high hitting streak last summer, the longest hitting streak by a Red Sox catcher since Carleton Fisk. This summer, Jason's confidence pervades. A benevolent feeling of well being spells nothing but good fortune.

Todd WalkerTodd Walker (May 25, 1973)
A chameleon, Gemini Todd Walker's comfortable in any spot in the batting order. With Mars in receptive Pisces, he has a sensitive physique and needs to maintain regular health habits to build strength and stamina. Mercurial Geminis have a knack for putting fresh ideas into practice. Gemini rules the hands, and Todd led all NL second baseman in fielding percentage (.989) and putouts (314). Coming from Cincy, he ranked among NL leaders in doubles, hits, multi-hit games, and day batting average, hitting .299 in 155 games. This summer Todd makes steady progress toward the achievement of long-range goals. Career opportunities arise, and it's a favorable time for receiving recognition. His bat continues to pop as he takes advantage of the hits at Fenway.

Pedro MartinezPedro Martinez (October 25, 1971)
Instinctive Scorpios have a fanatical streak. Their pursuit often borders on the obsessive. Preferring to keep 'em guessing, mysterious Pedro Martinez mixes up his own storehouse of pitches. A six-time All-Star, and three-time Cy Young winner, few have access to Pedro's clandestine inner world. Martinez was the runner-up last season for yet another Cy Young award, while leading the majors with a miniscule 2.26 ERA, 239 strikeouts, .833 winning percentage, and holding opponents to a paltry .198 average. Nevertheless, Scorpios like to be in control, and Pedro's command is impeccable. An equally formidable threat on the road, he's 46-11 with a 2.09 ERA. Pedro's arsenal includes fierce pride, courage, and emotional strength. This season heralds an auspicious time for self-improvement -- not that there's much to improve upon! Yet with a new physical regimen, the wind appears to be blowing in Pedro's direction.

Derek LoweDerek Lowe (June 1, 1973)
Gemini rules the hands, and nimble Derek Lowe has four planets in this sign. The AL's starting pitcher in the '02 All-Star game finished second in the AL in wins (21) and ERA (2.58). Emerging as an ace, after pitching a lopsided no-hitter (10-0) last April at Fenway, versatile Derek transitioned from the bullpen, finishing 3rd in Cy Young voting. Geminis thrive on variety -- their strength lies in innovation and experimentation. With a flair for the dramatic, the sinkerballer's no-hitter was Derek's first ML complete game! He became the 3rd pitcher in ML history to own both a 40-save season and a no-hitter (behind Eckersley and Righetti). Derek was also the first pitcher to win 20 games after recording 40 saves, and is the first Red Sox pitcher to win 20 games and throw a no-hitter in the same season since H. Ehmke in 1923! This summer prudent Derek's discovering how to turn ideals into reality, patiently laying the groundwork for success.

Timothy Stephen Wakefield Tim Wakefield (August 2, 1966)
Optimistic, with a can-do attitude, Leos never rest on their laurels. With exceptional powers of concentration, Tim Wakefield ranked 4th in the AL with a 2.81 ERA last season. He was the AL leader in relief innings prior to his first start last July. An extremely flexible "innings eater," this exuberant knuckleballer starts, relieves, and closes, earning his spot in the starting rotation, where he went 9-3 with a 2.39 ERA. He's pitched six innings or more in 27 of 32 starts. With 1,044 Ks as a Red Sox, he's 5th on their all-time list. Possessing the noble generosity Leos are famous for, Tim donates to Make-A-Wish Foundation for every strikeout and win. With Jupiter (good fortune) now in Leo, it's a propitious time to show the world what he's made of. Triumphant in almost all undertakings, Tim should blossom in rotation or up from the bullpen.

Andrea Mallis is a sports astrologer and writer, who's appeared on ESPN "SportsCenter" and "Baseball Tonight." She writes player profiles on the Oakland Athletics Web site and is astrologer on their post-game show, "Extra Innings." She's also contributed to the MLB magazines of the A's, Yankees, Diamondbacks, Cardinals, Reds, Tigers, Padres, Rangers, and Angels, as well as MLB.COM's Left Field and ESPN.COM. Let Andrea guide you with your game! For more information, please view Email or call 510-874-4911.



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