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September 21, 2003

Sign of Taurus, don't fail us now

BY ZAY N. SMITH, Sun-Times Columnist


We are moving toward a Chicago baseball milestone.

Depending, you know, on what might happen.

Or what might not.

It would be an even greater Chicago baseball milestone than the Cubs losing 2-0 to the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1946 in a game called after five innings because of gnats.

Subway Series.

It doesn't matter that the Cubs and Sox are in cheese divisions.

It doesn't matter that the Cubs would be 12 games out in the National League West.

It doesn't matter that the White Sox would be 14 games out in the American League East.

Chicago's teams are in the hunt, in the divisions where they happen to be.

Subway Series.

It would be the first time this has happened in Major League Baseball in, well, three years.

But it would be the first time it has happened in Chicago in 97 years.

Subway Series.

Could happen.

But what are the odds?


All right. The odds are -- the odds are --

"No one is offering any odds on a Chicago Subway Series," said Lance Bradley at BoDog Sportsbook & Casino, which "is federally licensed by the Costa Rican government and confidently holds 100 percent of all deposits plus winnings for all players in a segregated reserve account with Europe's largest Private Bank in Zurich, Switzerland," so it ought to know.

"But we'll come up with some. Give me a half hour."

A half hour was waited.

"The odds of a Cubs-White Sox World Series are 14-1," he said.

Not too bad.

But those are only odds.

Could it happen?


"Could happen," said Eric Soderholm, former White Sox third baseman and now CEO of Front Row Ticket Service.

"The Cubs, especially, with those three pitchers, in a short playoff -- anything could happen. That Prior, he's a horse. . . ."

That, of course, is the trouble with experts.

They know a lot. But they don't know for sure.

We need to know.

Could it happen?


A call was placed.


Is this Psychic Visions by Fatima of Chicago?


Will there be a Chicago Subway Series?

"I'm not getting any vibrations. I'm really not picking up on that. To tell you the truth, I don't know."

Thank you.

A call was placed.

"What does the future hold for you? The Witches of Salem know. Now, for the first time ever, you can talk live to a gifted witch on the Witches Salem Network. . . . To talk with a gifted witch right now, for as little as $2.79 per minute, have your credit card or checkbook and driver's license ready --"

No. This isn't working.

We'll have to go right to the top.


"Irene Hughes."

You are Chicago's most famous seeress. We need to know. Will there be a Chicago Subway Series?

"Well. Chicago is a Piscean city, and this is a good time for Pisces, now that Saturn is away from Pisces."

So it could happen.

"I think the Cubs will do extremely well. The Cubs are under the sign of Taurus, and Taurus is starting a wonderful cycle, the best in 12 years. And next year will be even better."

So it could happen. And if it doesn't, wait until next year. What about the Sox?

"The Sox are only four degrees of Taurus. There's a little bit of Taurus, but not enough, I don't think."

OK. That is astrology. What is your psychic impression?

"My impressions for the Cubs are very positive. I think they are going to do it. Not as good for the Sox."

But it could happen.

"A few prayers might help, too, of course."

All right. Good, as far as it goes.

But we might need a specialist here.


A call was placed.

"Andrea Mallis."

You have been called the official astrologer of the Oakland A's. You appear on their postgame shows. You specialize in baseball astrology at


This is it. We need to know. Will there be a Chicago Subway Series?

"I'll get back to you."

A day was waited.

"I've done the Chicago White Sox chart for you," she said. "The Sox are early Taurus, which means they are practical, productive, resourceful and determined. But I also noticed a Saturn aspect in their charts, and Saturn is about limitation. Saturn is now opposing their Jupiter, so opportunities for growth and expansion are limited. Feels like they're moving sideways if not going in actual reverse."

They do seem to have been fading.

"Then I went ahead and looked at the chart of one of the pitchers, Esteban Loaiza. Transiting Saturn, which is 11 degrees Cancer, is opposing his sun, which is eight degrees Capricorn."

Is that good?

"It means he is at a very discouraging time when his vital energies are at a 29-year low."

That's not good. But what about the Cubs? Will their pitching hold up?

"Mark Prior is Virgo, and Virgos are great with control and focus. He has about four planets in Virgo.

Is that good?

"That's very good -- and even better for next season. And Sammy Sosa. He's a Scorpio. Scorpios are secretive, mysterious and nonrevealing."

That explains the corked bat.

"But he is now heading into a time of feeling good, a time of high energy."

What about the team?

"The team is having a Jupiter transit. Jupiter is going into the sixth house."

And that's good?

"It's good. Jupiter is about expansion, good fortune, opportunity and optimism."

So will there be a Subway Series?

"It could happen. I like the Cubs' chances better. But it could happen."


Yeah. Well.

It could happen.

The Sox are all but out, but it could happen.

And what if it did happen?

"I wouldn't be surprised to see a good box seat at Wrigley Field go for $3,000," said Kurt Soderholm, general manager of Front Row. "Even one of the Comiskey upper-deck seats could go for $300 or $400."

Wait. Pay $3,000 for a Wrigley box? Pay $300 or $400 for a Comiskey nosebleed?


Won't happen.

# # #

Andrea Mallis is an avid baseball fan and creator of Virgo in Service Astrological Consulting. She’s the official astrologer on “Extra Innings” Oakland A’s radio. Her numerous sports astrology profiles are published in magazines for the Athletics, Yankees, Diamondbacks, Tigers and Padres. Recently featured on ESPN’s SportsCenter and Baseball Tonight, she resides in Berkeley, California, she can be contacted at 510-874-4911, or

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