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 PADRES Magazine - August/September 2002 - Vol. 2002, No.5



Trevor Hoffman

by Andrea Mallis

Trevor HoffmanTrevor Hoffman

Tried and true Trevor, a fixture in the Padres bullpen, was born October 13th, 1967 under the gregarious sign of Libra. In his 10th season with the Padres, this rock steady veteran’s the picture of reliability—just the characteristic you need in a closer. Productive as both pitcher and mentor, the strong right-hander stays in excellent shape and has never gone on the disabled list. Durability and consistency make him the National League’s best. Trevor’s the only pitcher in Major League history with five seasons or 40 or more saves, and is only one of six closers to post as many as seven seasons with 30 or more saves in his entire career! With a total on 314 career saves, he’s 9th on the all-time list.

With Mars in aspiring Sagittarius, Trevor’s forever following some bright and distant star, or investigating new potential. He’s a positive thinker—expects success, yet remains philosophical about failure. Flexible, with the capability to bounce back from disappointment, his confidence is contagious. Trevor has the perfect temperament for a reliever. Quickly challenging hitters, he’s able to rebound strongly from that rare outing that doesn’t go his way. Unflappable on the mound, he isn’t easily fazed.

Competitive sports are a great way to channel Trevor’s dynamic energy. Extremely restless, dynamic, and energetic, he’s always on the go. When he wants something, he wants it NOW. Impatient, high strung, often nervous and tense, it’s difficult for him to pace himself and relax. Fiercely individualistic and independent, self-willed Trevor can be intolerant of restriction.

Although he’s a Libra, cooperation often takes some work. Trevor needs freedom to do things his own way. Possessing a powerful will, he pursues his desires relentlessly, becoming quite compulsive when it comes to achievement. Shrouded by an air of mystery, his forcefulness and true intent may sometimes be veiled. Yet his emotional generosity shines through. People often seek his sympathy, and advice. Benevolent Trevor, who lost a kidney as an infant, donates $200 for every save to the National Kidney Foundation of Southern California.

Marshalling great reserves, he’s capable of extraordinary efforts. His bold and heroic style compels him to use those larger-than-life talents. Blessed with a keen sense of drama, the closing role suits him well. Desire for recognition and fame is a strong motivating factor. Born after the Summer of Love in 1967, a bit of rebelliousness and unique creativity are touchstone. Trevor once appeared in a humorous ESPN commercial where he came in to relieve an ineffective Sports Center anchor.

With Mercury in mysterious Scorpio, Trevor’s finest talent allows him to conceal the next pitch. He doesn’t alter delivery when throwing what might be the best change-up in baseball. Opposing batters are confounded, for it’s impossible to distinguish from his 90-mph fastball. No one touches that change-up! Watch for bats to flail then freeze, with pinpoint control of his fastball. Having excellent mental concentration and control, he’s tough to hit, boasting an imposing strikeout-to-walk ratio.

With three planets in structured Virgo, Trevor is a creature of habit. You can set your watch to his routine, which takes him through the entire game. At the same time, and in order, he eats soup, showers in the same inning, shines his shoes, goes to the bullpen, etc. Obviously consistency has great rewards!

Trevor entered the 2002 season converting an amazing 314 of 355 saves. His .885 career save percentage is the best in baseball. With a total of 312 Padre saves, only A’s Dennis Eckersley has logged more saves for one team in baseball history. A veritable workhorse, Trevor has appeared in at least 62 games each year, averaging 43 saves. With Tony Gwynn now retired, Trevor has the most seniority on the team. The Padres’ website refers in jest to “death, taxes, and Trevor Hoffman.” Indeed, there are few things to be sure of these days. Bruce Bochy hails Trevor as close to perfection as you can get.

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Andrea Mallis is an avid baseball fan, creator of Virgo in Service Astrological Consulting ( and the official astrologer on Oakland A’s radio “Extra Innings.” Her numerous sports astrology profiles have appeared in magazines for the Padres, A’s, Yankees, Diamondbacks, Tigers and Rangers. She recently appeared on ESPN SportsCenter and Baseball Tonight. Residing in Berkeley, California, she can be contacted at 510-874-4911,


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