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August 2002

"Is it in the stars?"

by Andrea Mallis



Jeff Zimmerman:

Jeff Zimmerman was born on August 9th, 1972 under the commanding fire sign Leo, known for pride, generosity, warmth, and powerful leadership qualities. A mighty need for recognition drives the King of the Zodiac, enabling Jeff to tackle difficult projects and reach great heights. Self-discipline and perseverance have helped him earn a Master’s Degree in Business.

Jeff craves adventure and doesn’t allow others’ expectations to dictate. He flourishes in an unstructured environment, responding to the needs of the moment. Well-suited to fast-pace, the life of a closer makes for heightened drama—another Leo attribute. Jeff’s extremely competitive nature is perfectly played out on the baseball diamond. Strong ego propels him to be #1. When life is viewed as competitive sport, it’s difficult to take orders or stay in the background. With Mars in zestful Leo, he’s one proud peacock, striving to excel. Bolstered by a healthy belief in himself and an enterprising spirit, his confidence runs strong. Jeff aims high and is never satisfied until goals are achieved in a big way. His favorite player growing up was Nolan Ryan.

Jeff approaches life with intensity, strength of focus, and psychological stamina. Complicated and private, he shows either cool remoteness or great emotional passion. Currently experiencing his Saturn return—a momentous astrological rite of passage that occurs at age 29-30—look for a culmination of ambition and new beginnings. Last season, leading the team with 28 saves, he was named Ranger Pitcher of theYear. In a remarkable second half, he converted his final 17 save chances, holding opponents to a paltry .118 batting average. He’s also the third Canadian to earn 20 saves in one season. Deceptive with delivery, he has a good fastball, but it’s his slider that’s tremendous! Fearless, he goes after hitters, striking out both righties and lefties. Thriving on pressure, he’s a tough challenger who won’t back down in life or on the mound.

Mike LambMike Lamb

True to his name, fellow Leo Mike Lamb is a lion with a bit more lamb. Born on the same day as Jeff, but three years later—on August 9, 1975—Mike has a much more mellow roar! Considerably shyer than your average Leo, with several planets in humble Virgo, an inborn streak of perfectionism permeates his being. Well organized, he prefers to map out life one step at a time, gathering experience and companionship from all walks of life.

A regular routine, with clearly defined responsibility, is crucial to Mike’s success. It’s easy for him to see the big picture. Interested in concrete results and practical achievements, stamina and persistence are his greatest strengths. Self-discipline comes naturally. Willing to work hard to meet objectives, he instinctively realizes that achievement is “10% inspiration, 90% perspiration.” The joy of competing runs deep in Mike’s conscientious soul. An independent, the more he relies on himself the better. A meaningful life lesson is belief in ability, while refraining from comparison to others.

With Mars in Taurus, he’s quite stubborn when opposed, and battles for position. Motivated by strong Saturn aspects—the cosmic cop of the zodiac—ambition is an overwhelming motivation. It fortifies Mike’s ability to confront challenges head on. Starting 76 games at the hot corner last year, he can hit for a high average. Though he led the Rangers with an impressive .364 with runners in scoring position, fans can look forward to ever-greater successes from determined Mike Lamb.

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Andrea Mallis is an avid baseball fan and creator of Virgo in Service Astrological Consulting. She’s the official astrologer on Oakland A’s radio, “Extra Innings”. Her sports astrology profiles are published in magazines for the Rangers, A’s, Yankees, Tigers, Diamondbacks and Padres. She was recently featured on ESPN SportsCenter and Baseball Tonight. Residing in Berkeley, California, she can be contacted at 510-874-4911, or

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